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Automated Admission Controls with SmartOccupancy

Store Openings with a Stable Incidence Value Below 35!

Automated Admission Controls with SmartOccupancy for More Security

As part of their last video switch on February 10, the federal and state governments have conditions for a possible opening of the stationary discussed retail. From a "stable incidence of a maximum of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants"1 shops should be allowed to open, with a limit of one person per 20 square meters.

With SmartOccupany from Checkpoint Systems, retailers can control the density of people in their salesrooms in real time and ensure that these are official.

At the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020, ironic comparisons between clubs and shops increased. The reason for this was the positioning of security guards in front of stationary retail stores, who counted the number of people entering and exiting in order to comply with upper capacity limits. But that placing shop staff at the entrance to count customers is associated with additional work and considerable additional costs for businesses - and prone to errors.

Checkpoint Systems offers a solution for secure capacity management with SmartOccupancy. The system reliably counts the people with an accuracy of 98 percent who enter or leave a shop. Several people can also be recorded by the overhead people counting sensor at the same time. Branch managers provide real-time data an overview of the current number of people in the store at any time and thus the opportunity to create a safe shopping environment. The ROI is average achieved within two months.

Check out this video for a field report:

Create a Safe Shopping Experience

Staff can check in real time how many people are currently in the store on their PC, tablet or smartphone app. Threatening to reach the maximum capacity limit, SmartOccupancy sends a warning to a previously defined group of people so that action can be taken immediately.

SmartOccupancy ensures that there are never too many people in the store and that health-relevant minimum distances from one another are maintained at all times can. This ensures a safe shopping experience for customers, a pleasant working atmosphere for employees and prevents shop closings due to violations against official requirements regarding the maximum number of people allowed. Head offices can also use online access to comply with regionally different ensure official regulations.

Transparent Occupancy Overview

Monitors in the entrance area use red or green colors to indicate whether the store is currently open to entry. The number of free places is also shown there displayed. Shopkeepers can adjust the maximum capacity limit themselves according to the size of the shop. With a positive development of the incidence values you can react quickly to any relaxation of the occupancy limits. The screens can also be customized: in addition to the text, the logo, the colors and the language can also be selected the respective corporate identity of the company can be adapted.

Can Also be Used After the Pandemic

After the pandemic, SmartOccupancy can continue to be used as a human frequency counting system. Dealers can, for example, the customer numbers for weekdays, times or Compare branches and use this data to optimize personnel planning. This ensures shorter waiting times at the checkout and greater customer satisfaction.

Miguel Garcia Manso, Business Unit Director of Checkpoint Systems, commented: “Now is the right time to start looking at this more automated To deal with occupancy control. With SmartOccupancy, stationary retail is well equipped for the upcoming store openings. It is important with consumers as well to create trust for employees through appropriate protective measures and at the same time not to neglect the economic aspect. "

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