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RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 03/2022 - Publication date: September 14th, 2022
Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Exhibition & Conference, on October 19th & 20th in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany
Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Exhibition & Conference, on October 19th & 20th in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany 14 Get your ticket today!
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Checkpoint Systems: Technological Innovations for the RFID Retail Industry

Image: Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems: Technological Innovations for the RFID Retail Industry

UHF RFID Solutions Optimized with New Technologies!

RFID solutions provider Checkpoint Systems specializes in the retail sector. In 2022, the company expanded its product portfolio with RFID food labels for perishable goods. In addition, new on-metal RFID labels were designed for metal containers and packaging. The trend: the use of RFID in retail is being expanded to include other technologies. In this interview, Stephen Howells, Director Global Project Management at Checkpoint Systems, provides insights into the development of retail with RFID.

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Expectations for 2022 – UHF RFID in Retail Expanded with Other Technologies

Mr. Howells, how is the use of RFID solutions changing in retail?

Stephen Howells: “New use cases are emerging in retail where a combination of technologies is being used. Previously, companies had the expectation that UHF RFID alone could solve many problems. On-metal tagging is also becoming increasingly important.”

Which technologies are used to expand RFID solutions?

Howells: “BLE, camera systems and QR codes are some technologies that are being deployed along with UHF RFID. However, there are big regional differences. In North America, for example, an increasing number of camera and video systems are being used.”

What features does such a retail store of the future have with these technologies?

Howells: “One example is walk-in walk-out stores. These can be equipped with a combination of smart shelves, video and identification technologies for article surveillance and inventory management. In addition, an access control system with QR codes is used, for example. It is conceivable that 5 or more different technologies will be used in retail stores.”

Current Developments in Retail with RFID

What solutions with different technologies are already being implemented?

Howells: “Camera systems are already offered and used together with UHF RFID from Checkpoint Systems. There is huge demand for these in North America in particular. Solutions with UHF RFID and BLE are also already in use.”

How does the rollout of these technologies differ in a global comparison?

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Howells: “In Asia, new technology is introduced and tested at a faster pace. Technology changes occur more frequently. Checkpoint's advantage as a global company is to transfer these learnings to the North American and European markets.”

What are the benefits for retailers when combining RFID with other technologies?

Howells: “New use cases can be realized with a combination of technologies. This creates synergy effects. The sum of the advantages of RFID and Bluetooth, for example, is greater than that of the individual solution components. There are currently around 5 to 6 new projects in the pilot phase in which UHF RFID is used in combination with other technologies.”

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Stephen Howells
Stephen Howells
Director Global Product Management
Hirschhorn, Germany
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