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Image: Scotch & Soda

Checkpoint Tags Scotch & Soda Garments with Latest Generation of RFID Labels

Latest Generation of RFID Tags from Checkpoint Systems Gives Scotch & Soda Greater Inventory Visibility and Improves Product Availability!

Customers shopping in Scotch & Soda clothing will have soon a much stronger chance of finding and purchasing the right trousers, skirt, jacket, or shirt thanks to the retailer’s new three-year partnership with leading RFID solutions provider Checkpoint Systems.

Checkpoint will tag, on average, 10 million Scotch & Soda garments with the latest generation of RFID labels per year, providing it with improved inventory accuracy across its estate. By utilising this technology, the retailer will gain full, real-time visibility of its entire stock holding, ensuring its omni-channel services, including 'click & collect', are optimised.

Scotch & Soda, which operates 165 stores in more than 70 countries, has been using Checkpoint Systems' clothing labels for more than 10 years. Now the fashion brand is going a step further in its collaboration by incorporating the latest generation of RFID labels – featuring the high performing Njord label with the Impinj M750 Chip – onto all its merchandise worldwide. Scotch & Soda has expanded the relationship with Checkpoint Systems as they are a trusted partner that could deliver this project within just 8 weeks’ time.

With the implementation of this new technology, Scotch & Soda will be able to match its stock to the demands of its consumers. This means that the retailer will be able to have the right stock, at the right place, at the right time to serve its customers regardless of which channel they chose to shop. Be able to optimise stock holding to this level results in omnichannel retailing becoming seamlessly coordinated, enabling stores to optimise services such as click & collect.

Rik Kok, Global Director of Procurement and Real Estate, Scotch & Soda, says: "Thanks to Checkpoint Systems' latest RFID labels, we know exactly how many medium blue trousers are still in our distribution centres in Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany, for example, or how many extra jackets our shops in Japan need from our summer collection. In this way, we are not left with a large surplus of unsold items at the end of a season, and we can provide every consumer with the garment he or she wants through his or her most preferred sales channel."

Getting the Right Garment Faster in Shop and Online

Imagine: you are shopping and want a garment but are told that your size or colour is no longer available. Scotch & Soda believe this should never happen and thanks to Checkpoint Systems' RFID labels, shop staff can now replenish stock quickly and coordinate it with the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to distribution centre to shops and pick-up points.

Rik Kok, Global Director of Procurement and Real Estate, Scotch & Soda, says: "Thanks to RFID technology, we know how many garments we have of what size and colour and where they are in our chain. This means we can immediately help the consumer find the right garment. This also applies to when they buy clothes from us online. We then refer the customer to the nearest click & collect or buy & pick up point where the desired garment is located, or they pick it up in our shop that is on their daily route."

Geert den Hartog, Key Account Director Apparel at Checkpoint Systems, added: "2020 has changed the buying behaviour of consumers worldwide. Shoppers no longer just buy clothes in a physical shop or online. They buy through their preferred channel as and when it is convenient for them. If retailers want to grow, they will have to accommodate their consumers with this omnichannel behaviour. RFID ensures that shops can perfectly align e-commerce, click & collect and other online services. This improves customer loyalty by ensuring that the experience in enjoyable, from mobile/desktop browsing through to collection or delivery."

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Source to Success: RFID with Checkpoint Systems
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Stephen Howells
Stephen Howells
Director Global Product Management
Hirschhorn, Germany
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