Wearables in logistics and production

The technological revolution is within reach

World premiere: Feig Electronic launches a wearable on the market that minimizes time losses in production and logistics, increases productivity and creates consistent transparency.

The New Freedom on the Edge of Automation

Minimise Time Losses, Increase Productivity, Create End-to-End Transparency

Wearables are experiencing increasing demand in markets worldwide. Order picking, assembly, sorting - these are processes in logistics and production that often cannot be automated, and companies are desperately looking for solutions. Mobile devices that can be worn directly on the body and for which no additional handing is required open the door to solving numerous challenges. The contribution of human labour not only becomes more efficient through the use of wearables, but also increases the value of the human contribution in highly automated production and logistics systems.

Wearables can thus pave the way for the future position of people in the value chain. Wearables are not intended to replace established solutions 1:1 and thus push them out of their applications. Rather, they create benefits in the peripheral areas of automation wherever automated identification reaches its limits.

After more than a year of intensive development work, Feig Electronic has now incorporated these requirements and potentials into a completely new solution: the HyWEAR compact.

RFID & Wieless IoT Global spoke exclusively with Markus Desch, Head of Business Division, Identification & Payment, and Andreas Binder, Head of Product Line Panmobil, Feig Electronic, about what lies behind the development, which features the wearable includes, and which potentials can be leveraged in which processes with this device.

With this first device in a product family that will continue to develop in the coming years, Feig Electronic is opening a completely new chapter after almost 30 years in the field of RFID hardware development.

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ID LRU500i
ID ISC.ANT.U500/270-DM
HyWEAR compact
ID ISC.LRU1002 UHF Long Range
ID MAX50.10 All-In-One
Andreas Löw
Andreas Löw
Marketing & Corporate Communication
Weilburg, Germany
Andreas Binder
Andreas Binder
Head of Product Line PANMOBIL, International Sales
Cologne, Germany
Sascha Schöll
Sascha Schöll
Key-Account-Manager Identification / RFID
Weilburg, Germany
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