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Mobile Computer M3 UL20 with 2D Barcode and RFID Reader


Mobile Computer M3 UL20 with 2D Barcode and RFID Reader

The Latest Technology Combined with High-Performance Power!

The M3 UL20 Mobile Computer by iDTRONIC is a mobile handheld reader.

M3 UL20 offers proven technology in portable mobile data capture using NFC, the latest barcode reading technologies, modern user interfaces and to meet the category of new business applications on the Android 8.1 operating system. The 5 inch touch screen and the integrated alpha-numeric keypad characterise this robust mobile computer. The keypad is optionally available with 28, 35 or 53 keypads.

Mobile Computer M3 UL20 is the next generation of leading handheld devices for mobile data collection in inventory management, retail management or in the logistics sector.

13 Jun 2022 - iDTRONIC Focuses on the Development of Embedded RFID

Mobile Data Capturing with 2D Barcode Reader or NFC Reader

Handheld reader M3 UL20 is optionally equipped with a 2D barcode reader and an integrated NFC reader. The long range scanner validly captures all 2D barcodes on labels or tags up to a range of 21.4 m.

The integrated RFID HF | NFC reader reads tags and transponders of ISO standard EPC C1 GEN2 ISO 14443A/B and ISO 15693 with 13.56 MHz with a reading range of up to 6 cm. The integrated 25° angle scanner helps with comfortable aiming.

The latest Technology combined with high-performance Power

M3 UL20 Mobile Computer is equipped with the operating system Android 8.1 or 9.0 GMS. The handheld reader is certified by Google with the “Android Enterprise Recommended” seal of approval. This offers stanardised management options, regular security updates and is adapted to individual company requirements. The 2.2 GHz octa-core processor is designed for demanding processes within the corporate environments.

The 6.700 mAh battery is suitable for long working shifts in the warehouse and productions. The quick charge function enables prompt charging of the battery. The integrated 4 GB RAM is optionally available as 2 GB variant. Enough space for your data is provided by the 4 GB ROM (optional: 64 GB).

Top Communication Options and Documentations

25 May 2022 - iDTRONIC Presents New Industrial Handheld Mobile Computer Series

The mobile computer is equipped with WLAN, WWAN, WPAN, GPS and Bluetooth. WLAN and Bluetooth enable the wireless transfer of data to the PC, so that the scanned information appears immediately in the system.

The integrated 16-megapixel camera documents work processes in high-resolution format.

IP Protection for demanding Environments

M3 UL20 Is ideally suited for demanding and challenging environments with dust or water accumulation, with an IP67 protection rating. The handheld withstands temperatures of -20 °C up to +60 °C. The M3 UL20F is equipped with an automatic sensor to control the temperature of the screen and scan window below -30 °C. This prevents the display from fogging up.

The keypad and battery are resistant to freezing. The touch screen is made of robust Gorilla Glass. The scanner area of the M3 UL20F is also made of corning Gorilla Glass.

Application Example: Retail and Warehouse Management

The M3 UL20 series is the perfect handheld solution for processes within warehouses in supermarkets or non-food shops. Warehouse processes can be optimally handled with the M3 UL20 and the integrated 2D long-range scanner, to also register goods validly from more distant warehouse shelves.

The 25° angle scanner enables precise identification of the goods to be scanned. The numerous accessories make working within warehouses efficient. The ergonomic handle offers an optimal solution for mobile working. The holder for forklift trucks is suitable for use in the forklift truck when putting goods away.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
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