LAB ID Products and Solutions Transition to Newest IC Generations

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LAB ID Products and Solutions Transition to Newest IC Generations

LAB ID Supports Customers in Utilizing Newer, More Easily Available ICs during the Global Semiconductor Shortage!

The current shortage of semiconductors is expected to last at least until mid-2022. As a result, older versions of required ICs are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and have higher delivery times. LAB ID supports customers with tailor-made solutions, services, and tag designs for RFID implementation to ensure a smooth transition to newer, more easily available ICs in order to overcome the challenges of the global semiconductor shortage.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

LAB ID Partners with IC Suppliers to Reduce Lead Times for Customers

LAB ID has partnered with all IC suppliers to integrate the newest ICs in their products and solutions. LAB ID supports its customers in the complex process of using different ICs that include changing the IC, redesigning tags, tag conversion, encoding and supply chain management. The result: Lead times are reduced and a flexibility as well as reliability in RFID implementation for customers is achieved.

In particular, in UHF designs, LAB ID is working on transitions with NXP Semiconductors and Impinj.

Transition from UCode7 and UCode8 to UCode9 with Improved RF Performance

LAB ID recommends a transition for products that utilize the UCode7 and UCode8, so that the UCode9 is used instead. The main features of the newest IC UCode9 from NXP are as follows:

  • EPC File Size changed to 96 bits
  • Only kill password available (no access password)
  • EPC and kill password permalock only
  • No user memory (Ucode7m-specific)
  • No untraceable command (only Ucode8)
  • Self-adjusting impedance
  • Memory Integrity Safeguards

The antenna design compatibility remains unchanged in the newest UCode9 compared to previous versions.

Transition from Monza6 to Monza7 Adds Several New and Improved Features

16 Oct 2023 - Pacer

The recommended transition from the Monza6 to Monza7 ICs by Impinj requires a redesign of antennas. The shared kill & access password has been changed compared to the r6A and R6P versions.

The auto-tune, memory diagnostic as well as the TagFocus and FastTID features of the newest IC remain unchanged. The following features of the Monza7 have been improved and added compared to the previous version:

  • Improved RF Performance
  • EPC Size increased to 128 Bits
  • Added 32 bits of user memory (Only M750)
  • Protected Mode
  • Short range can be enabled by standard untraceable command

Products with New Ucode9 and Monza7 ICs Recommended

The newest IC versions have lower lead times, enabling LAB ID to continue to provide its tailor-made and project-specific RFID solutions. LAB ID supports customers in the transition process to use the new ICs. The following products that use the newest ICs are recommended by LAB ID:

Products with UCode9 IC

  • UH601-U9 (30x10mm)
  • UH427-U9 (50x30mm)
  • UH4411-U9 (44x11mm)
  • UH708-U9 (70x12mm)

Products with Monza7 IC

  • UH3050-M730 (30x50mm)
  • UH9118-M730 (91x18mm)
  • UH4411-M730 (44x11mm)
  • UH3018-M730 (30x18mm)

Contact LAB ID for more support and consulting advice to implement specific RFID solutions using the new ICs and the corresponding products.

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