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RFID in the Healthcare Industry!

RFID has become the facilitator that transforms processes and management tasks in the healthcare industry the 'smart' way.

There are various use cases from laboratories or in hospitals where RFID increases data transparency, reduces staff workload and enhances patient saftey. With knowledge on materials and specific know-how concerning antenna design and the production process, SAG has been involved with various healthcare projects.

RFID in Laboratories

After the completion of multiple tests, data collection and matching may lead to mix-ups caused by human error. Smart labels are a common form factor that can be used on items in a lab to avoid mix-ups by providing them with a unique ID. SAG provides the following labeling solutions:

Secure Authentication

Alternative authentication methods via smartphone make the verification of a user’s identity easy and elevates the security level under such a mechanism. 

Material Science

In cases of extreme conditions, such as drastic temperature changes on test tubes, it is possible to attach a smart label. SAG has the expertise in adhesive technology to realize these applications.

100% Premium (Perfect) Roll

In cases of extreme conditions, such as drastic temperature changes on test tubes, it is possible to attach a smart label. SAG has the expertise in adhesive technology to realize these applications.

RAIN+ NFC for 2-Way Applications

One label that has both RAIN RFID and NFC technologies can provide a crossover in applications. Thanks to the chip design, the ID is accessible via either RF interface. Lab personnel can initiate bulk raeding via UHF RFID while checking the details of each item via an NFC-enabled phone. Creating such a label requires extensive knowledge of antenna design. SAG can provide customized labels that can function under the presence of liquids.

RFID in Hospitals

The introduction of the Unique Device Identification (UDI) System from both the EU and the FDA has propelled the adoption of RFID tags and labels forward in terms of enhancing the traceability of medical devices.Via RFID, hospital personnel can see how many times a surgical tool has been used, when it was sterilized, and where it is currently kept for the next preparation.

With these advantages, medical errors are reduced and patient saftey is improved. The UDI system can also verify a device's authenticity if each item has its own ID number.

Sterilization Processes without Challenges

Some surgical instruments are designed to be used several times. However, the diversity of medical products used poses challenges in terms of logistics and inventory. There are multiple methods of sterilization for medical instruments, such as EtO, autoclaves or radiation.

SAG has a range of hard tags that fit on medical tools of various sizes. These tags are also able to withstand the sterilization process after use.

Miniaturization to Fit Small Items

For small items with limited space to apply a tag, SAG provides a variety of PCB tags (the smallest is 6mm in diameter) for the molding process. NFC Ferrite Tags (the smallest being 4x2mm) are also available at SAG for both on-metal and non-metal use cases and can withstand extreme high/low temperatures.

Authentication to Ensure Safety

The incorrect use of medication and wrongly installed medical devices pose a threat to patient safety. Medical disputes sometimes occur due to these mishandlings and cause huge losses. Among the variety of items to be managed in a hospital, SAG enables an application with a customized transponder by utilizing our experience in antenna and mechanical design.

SAG is an ISO13485-certified RFID transponder solutions provider. We have been involved in many projects with our partners in their healthcare applications and use cases. In this domain, high standards are set, huge challenges are presented, and a long verification process is expected. We are proud to apply our professionalism to realizing your applications for the benefit of human life with RFID.

We are proud to show you how we deliver RFID Transponders in the highest quality:

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