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Autonomous Driving: Green Light for Level 3

Flexible Film Heater: It is based on printed electronics and has been developed specifically for use in advanced driver assistance systems. (Image: Schreiner Group)

Autonomous Driving: Green Light for Level 3

Schreiner Group Develops Specialty Labels and Films for the Automotive Industry!

So-called highly automated driving according to Level 3 has actually been possible in Germany for the past year and a half, meaning that automobiles have been allowed to travel at speeds of up to 60 km/h largely autonomously. But the decisive next step will follow at the beginning of 2023 when cars will hit the freeways at permissible speeds of up to 130 km/h. Germany is a pioneer in this regard—and Schreiner ProTech is actively involved as a provider of solutions.

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It is one of the forward-looking projects in the automotive industry and the developments are awesome. What is currently happening in the area of autonomous or assisted driving resembles a small revolution. It is a huge opportunity also for Schreiner Group. “We have the good fortune to be in a position of offering solutions for the entire value chain—from pressure compensation seals to film heaters,” says Thomas Köberlein, President of Schreiner ProTech. “Naturally, knowing that we can make a crucial contribution to the further development of this new form of mobility is enormous motivation for the whole team.”

With camera systems, for example, that must be ready to perform practically at the drop of a hat. That’s a real challenge especially in winter. To enable autonomous driving in the first place, specialty solutions based on printed electronics for sensor technology are required. These functional films are extremely flat and flexible and reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees centigrade. They are also used for Radar or LiDAR systems.

Equally essential for a ride with the computerized chauffeur is trouble-free communication between the vehicles operating in the respective traffic situations. 5G antennas ensure a high communications standard. Schreiner Group’s experts have developed a total solution containing both the specially shaped functional label and the processing machine delivering reliable, reproducible, and highly precise results.

Today, an outstanding driving experience is at least equally important to car buyers as sustainability. With autonomous and connected driving the time on the road will turn into quality time. That Germany is now the first country to roll out the next speed level on Level 3 is a positive signal for the country as a business location—and further motivation for creative ideas all the way to fully automated driving.

Johannes Becker
Johannes Becker
Senior Director Competence Center LogiData & PrinTronics
Oberschleissheim, Germany
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