Tracking Office Supplies at Over 100 Locations with RFID
  • Tracking Office Supplies at Over 100 Locations with RFID
  • Tracking Office Supplies at Over 100 Locations with RFID
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Tracking Office Supplies at Over 100 Locations with RFID

PT. Telekomunikasi Selular Tbk. or Telkomsel for short, is an Internet, fixed-line and mobile communications provider headquartered in South Jakarta. The company is the largest mobile operator in Indonesia with over 164 million subscribers. In order to offer customers a nationwide mobile network even in remote locations and islands in Indonesia, Telkomsel has a presence in over 100 locations nationwide.

At these locations, the company conducts an annual inventory for more than 100,000 office items such as chairs, desks, laptops and coffee machines. For this process, the company developed a solution for tracking items across locations. The objective is to save time in managing items and to increase the efficiency of the inventory process.

(Image Sources: Telkomsel, Confidex)

Process Requirements

Due to the high number of items, the company strives for uniform and cost-effective tagging of all items. The applicability of the tags to all items and its functionality on metallic and wooden surfaces must be guaranteed.

The company is requesting a solution in which the capture of the tags themselves is straightforward and possible over several meters. Based on the data, each individual item at each of the more than 100 locations would be located at room accuracy.

Objectives of Telkomsel

  • To locate and track 100,000 items at over 100 locations at room accuracy
  • To reduce the time required for the inventory
  • To increase inventory accuracy in offices
  • To tag all items uniformly

The Telkomsel Solution

Telkomsel has tagged all of its office supplies with Ferrowave Classic on-metal RFID tags, which can be used uniformly for different items and achieve high read ranges even on metal or wooden surfaces. Company employees use RFID handhelds to capture and read the tags. This is done while walking by with the reader from several meters away. A room-by-room overview of all tagged items at the more than 100 locations is realized.

The tags have an EPC ID and are also equipped with a QR code. If an RFID tag is damaged, the item is identified via QR code. History data remains available for viewing. Accurate tracking of item usage and movement is enabled. Inventories can be carried out every week instead of once a year due to the significantly reduced time required.

Hardware & Software

  • Confidex - Ferrowave Classic On-Metal RFID Tag


  • Over 100,000 items in over 100 locations are located and tracked at room accuracy
  • Time required for inventory is reduced
  • Objects are seamlessly captured
  • Office supplies are uniformly tagged

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