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Thales DIS BPS Germany Expands Smart Label Card Production

Image: Thales DIS BPS Germany

Thales DIS BPS Germany Expands Smart Label Card Production

Production at the Wutha-Farnroda Site to be Expanded

The demand for cards with semiconductor memories for various ticket applications is steadily increasing in the market. Thales DIS BPS offers in-house developed smart label cards with good reliability even for harsh usage environments as an option for mass products.

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The Value of In-house Brands and Processes

For decades, Thales has applied in-house wire-laid technology for HF and UHF antennas and classic winding technology for low-frequency cards. Thales has developed and manufactured the highly reliable and very durable chip modules required for these applications in-house. Alternatively, there is a need for mass products with small memory chips without module encapsulation. These are used in the ticketing sector, among others, with a growing trend. For this reason, Thales has already built up the sector of smart label cards within its own production in the past as an alternative to existing technology. This is particularly important for volume applications that require long reading ranges (ISO 15693).

Quality is in Demand

These applications require high-precision antennas that are available from German manufacturers with good quality and reliability in quantities to meet demand. One possible form factor for this is the smart label with applied semiconductors using a contacting process developed in-house by those manufacturers that can withstand high stresses.

Increase in Production Volume

In order to sustainably expand the production volume, Thales has acquired a second automatic assembly machine. The machine was put into service as early as the beginning of August 2023, doubling the existing capacity. As in comparable projects in the past, the use of process-specific automation components developed and manufactured in-house has once again proven its worth.

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