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Thales DIS BPS has Cleverly Managed the Semiconductor Shortage

Image: Thales DIS BPS Germany

Thales DIS BPS has Cleverly Managed the Semiconductor Shortage

More Intensive Software Development and New Smart Card Technology from Germany!

Thales DIS BPS Deutschland GmbH is a manufacturer of contactless and contact smart cards in the NFC, HF and UHF range near Eisenach. In many areas, production at Thales DIS BPS is independent of international supply chains; but not in the semiconductor sector.

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Supply Bottlenecks have been Absorbed Well

The pandemic-related supply bottlenecks have made Thales DIS BPS even more aware of its dependence on the Asian semiconductor industry. Thales was still well positioned in this regard, says Steffi Lasch, Sales and Marketing Manager at Thales DIS BPS: "We ordered larger quantities than usual in good time, openly communicated any problems with our customers and took countermeasures through a series of actions."

As a result, there have been no delays in delivery to date. Materials planning had also been handled with foresight. Here, however, as in the procurement of chips, permanent changes are on the horizon.

Hope for Semiconductors “Made in Saxony”

Against this background, semiconductor production in Saxony offers real prospects. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon and Bosch operate some of the most modern and largest semiconductor plants in the world in Dresden. Already, the Saxony region is Europe's largest microelectronics / ICT location and the fifth largest worldwide. Every third chip produced in Europe bears the imprint "Made in Saxony". At the moment, of course, the demand for chips far exceeds the supply from Saxony. With the European Commission's Chip Act on the way, this will change in the future.

Dual-Interface Technology DIS Enables Even More Secure Programming

The result of intensive research and development efforts over the past two years is Thales Dual-Interface Technology DIS. The in-house copper-wired antenna technology and the in-house soldering process for this card are used to embed the dual-interface module. Combinations of LF / HF / UHF transponders in addition to the PKI dual interface DIS are possible. Secure applets allow access to the PKI dual-interface chip, and the security levels of the cards can be programmed according to the environment.

16 Nov 2023 - Thales DIS BPS Germany Expands Smart Label Card Production

"We recognized early that we have to develop and offer secure software to guarantee the security of data," says Steffi Lasch.

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Steffi Lasch
Steffi Lasch
Sales & Marketing Manager
Wutha-Farnroda, Germany
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