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Think Wireless IoT Day 05-2022: Livestream on September 14th

It's All About Transformation, Digitalization, Sustainability and the Future

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Experts explain how wireless IoT technology is making the supply chain more transparent and efficient. Five speakers offer know-how and best practice experience. They are competent contacts for the livestream audience.

What is it All About?

Wireless IoT technologies are increasingly used at all stages of the supply chain. Goods are tagged with RFID tags during production. Pallets, crates and load carriers are tagged and can be identified. With RFID and RTLS systems, containers in warehouses, at ports and at airports are accurately located and tracked in real time.

BLE, AI, and cloud applications are used to prove the authenticity of tagged products, and sensors are used to monitor cold chains. RFID is used on forklifts and via RFID gates to optimize intralogistics, production and for the optimal planing of goods transport.

Main Topics of the Expert Lectures on “Logistics | Supply Chain”

  • RFID-tagged goods in production
  • Identification of pallets, crates and load carriers with RFID tags
  • Real-time localization of containers in warehouses, ports and airports via RFID and RTLS systems
  • Verifying product authenticity with BLE, AI, and cloud applications
  • Cold chain monitoring with sensors
  • Optimizing intralogistics, production and goods transport with RFID forklifts and gates

In cooperation with:

  • Bluhm Systeme
  • HID Global
  • Kathrein Solutions
  • LAB ID
  • Turck
Think WIOT Day Movies
Giovanni Codegoni and Alberto Meneghin
Sales Director at LAB ID, and Project Manager at Vimar respectively
How RFID Technology Improves the Supply Chain: A LAB ID & Vimar Tracking Project
  • How the project started: Vimar's needs, first analysis and LAB ID solutions
  • Challenge: complete traceability of product – throughout the entire supply chain
  • Results achieved with the project
  • Future scenarios
Kathrein Solutions
Peter Feldmann
Senior Sales & Partner Manager, Kathrein Solutions
RTLS Meets RFID – Just To Know Where It Is …
  • Digitization of processes, states, usage times or location information in the areas of production and logistics
  • Hybrid K-RTLS approach as a combination of RTLS, RFID and NFC:
    • Precise location where needed - RTLS
    • Automatic identification where infrastructure already exists - RFID
    • Visualization where useful - NFC for IT-independent provision of information
Bluhm Systeme
Nils Berndt
Specialist for Modular Labeling Solutions and Coding , Bluhm Systeme
How to Benefit from Industrial Marking
  • Converting regulations and specifications into added value
  • Preventing product counterfeiting and preserving image
  • Ensuring the highest possible transparency from production to the end customer
  • Networking, automating and seamlessly documenting processes
  • Minimizing production stops with intelligent remote maintenance and zero downtime
Hendrik Schnabel
Product Management RFID Systems, Turck
RFID: Ready for Intelligent Decisions
  • Material Tracking
  • Production Tracking
  • Warehouse Management
  • Picking & Shipment
HID Global
Ken Horton
Founder of Vizinex, part of HID Global
Untangling Rental Asset Management in the Entertainment Industry

RFID-enabled rental asset management systems help firms to:

  • Minimize labor by eliminating the need for asset handling and manual data collection at check-in and check-out
  • Optimize fulfillment cycle time
  • Speed cycle counts
  • Improve accuracy of customer orders and asset–customer associations
  • Gather more accurate location data

We’ll discuss challenges that exist and how to overcome them in real-life scenarios.


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