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Modexpress Opts for RFID System from Mieloo & Alexander

Successful Fashion Logistics with Future-Oriented RFID System!

Modexpress from the Netherlands, an international service provider specializing in fashion, shoe, and lifestyle logistics, decided in the fall of 2018 to use an RFID system from Mieloo & Alexander Business Integrators to modernize its warehouse and logistics processes and to expand its service portfolio for its customers.

The aim was to make these processes fast, accurate, and transparent on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, thus maximizing process efficiency. At the same time, Modexpress's customers were to receive optimal support with the introduction of UHF RFID technology in order to ensure that the cooperation was also based on the latest standards. Implementation of the system was completed in March last year and is now successfully in operation.

Many fashion brands such as NA-KD, America Today, Sarah Pacini, Suitsupply, Cavallaro, Olsen Mode, Micro Fashion, and others - more than 400 brands in total - rely on the long-term cooperation with Modexpress. The internationally operating company has six state-of-the-art branches in the Netherlands as well as an extensive global strategic network. Modexpress processes a large number of fashion items all over the world - on an area of more than 140,000 square meters and with 500 employees.

In this respect, fast, secure and transparent warehouse and logistics processes play an important role. The company decided to cooperate with Mieloo & Alexander Business Integrators not only to secure its leading position in the industry, but also to be prepared for the future. In order to provide customers with optimal support during the introduction of UHF RFID technology, Modexpress entrusted the Auto-ID specialist at the end of 2018 with the development and installation of future-oriented RFID solutions for its warehouse and logistics processes.

High Inventory Accuracy with Consistently Correct Labels

The first phase of RFID development was focused on enabling Modexpress to guarantee its RFID customers deliveries that are completely accurately tagged to the appropriate RFID warehouses. This is essential to achieve maximum inventory accuracy of the warehouses.

Modexpress therefore uses Mieloo & Alexander's RFID packing tables to check the Flat Pack cartons and its RFID tunnel to inspect the hanging garments. Both processes report any identification or commissioning errors to the appropriate personnel, who can immediately correct them. The RFID EPC codes of each package or carton are then updated within the now RFID-supported warehouse management system.

Manual Processes in Goods Receiving Reduced to a Minimum

The EPC codes are also included in the dispatch advice, which is forwarded to the client's system so that the EPCs are always available in the warehouse. This is crucial for RFID-enabled incoming goods and inventory accuracy.

A simple RFID scan with a handheld or fixed reader in the store is now sufficient to receive the entire delivery. Time that used to be spend on manual receiving and checks, counting, posting or tagging, can now be spent on helping the customers,” says Lisanne Bertens, logistics engineer at Modexpress.

Pim van Rooij, Key Account Manager of Modexpress: "We selected Mieloo & Alexander because the company has extensive logistics know-how and has excelled and proven itself in providing the latest technologies to optimize work processes". Van Rooji continues: "The system from Mieloo & Alexander has successfully proven its worth in ongoing operations. We are experiencing significantly faster processes and now we always have accurate information concerning our inventory".

Sander Merkx, Managing Director of Mieloo & Alexander, explains: "Of course the priority was to expand. However, in the future, we want to optimize all logistics processes such as incoming goods, commissioning or shelf location calculations using RFID technology. We are looking forward to supporting the teams at Modexpress in this regard and to jointly take this step forward".

Sander Merkx
Sander Merkx
Management Consulting & Co-Founder
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Rob Sliedrecht
Rob Sliedrecht
Sales executive
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
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