Logistics & Supply Chain

05/2020 - Publication date: November 3rd 2020

Crisis as Opportunity?

This perhaps slightly old-fashioned appeal to hold out is an essential aspect when it comes to the use of RFID & wireless IoT technologies. All companies that relied on the early use of technologies in their supply chains were able to overcome disruptions more easily. Numerous market participants who have so far hesitated with regard to technology integration and digital transformation can be seen in the RFID & wireless IoT industry: "We have everything you need!”

Cover Story: New Readers from AEG ID for Production Logistics

The Ulm-based company has been developing and producing RFID hardware for over 30 years. With a product premiere of completely new types of readers, the RFID specialists are targeting the requirements of the identification of load carriers in production machines and the associated conveyor technology. The readers are designed for 100-percent detection. This ensures the highest possible system availability.

Security, Books and Cars – The Additional Topics

Logistics is required in every sector: In the library as well as in the automotive supplier industry. The good news: There is a solution for every requirement. In this issue, you can also read about the steps developers, integrators and users have taken to achieve this.

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