500 Employees Benefit from UHF-Based Parking Access
  • 500 Employees Benefit from UHF-Based Parking Access
  • 500 Employees Benefit from UHF-Based Parking Access
  • 500 Employees Benefit from UHF-Based Parking Access

500 Employees Benefit from UHF-Based Parking Access

Automatic vehicle identification at the entrance to the parking lot is carried out at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Doha (Qatar) using UHF RFID technology.

Authorized vehicles are identified by UHF RFID windshield labels. Long-range UHF readers record these labels in parking areas set up for authorized employees.

The Al-Ahli Hospital, which specializes in the treatment of private patients, was opened in 2004. Around 1,500 employees care for 250 patients in 25 specialist departments. 1,500 employees work in administration.

Process Requirements

In addition to the four buildings, the hospital grounds also include extensive parking areas for employees, service providers, and visitors. In the past, there has been a delay in the arrival of doctors for surgery. For this reason, the access road and the search for parking spaces were optimized.


  • Issue of parking permits
  • Comfortable access without driver interaction
  • Automatic arrival and worktime recording


Roughly 500 of the approximate 3,000 employees are entitled to use special parking spaces.

In order to implement individual access authorizations, barriers were installed at a total of four entrances and exits and UHF RFID reading technology was integrated. The readers are connected to the central server via network cable to document arrivals in real-time and to start worktime recording.

Two long-range UHF readers and eight antennas now cover the four entrances and exits and record the windshield labels encoded with an access authorization.

To ensure that all labels are 100% functional, an internal process for data verification was established. This ensures that every issued tag works perfectly.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


  • Automatic identification of employees upon entry and exit
  • Windshield labels enable controlling
  • Authorization and reorganization of access authorizations in real-time
  • Automatic recording of working time starts when entering the parking area


  • In principle, it is possible to extend the solution to other parking areas and additional groups of employees. Should parking fees be charged in the future, the billing process can be triggered via RFID recording.

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