UHF RFID Badges for 3,000 Hospital Employees
  • UHF RFID Badges for 3,000 Hospital Employees
  • UHF RFID Badges for 3,000 Hospital Employees
  • UHF RFID Badges for 3,000 Hospital Employees
Admission Control

UHF RFID Badges for 3,000 Hospital Employees

Long-range readers capture the UHF RFID badges of employees at all 9 entrances of the four hospital buildings.

The Al-Ahli Hospital in Doha (Qatar) uses UHF RFID badges for the physical access of employees and for recording working hours. Nine entrances of the four hospital buildings are equipped with long range readers.

The Al-Ahli Hospital, which specializes in the treatment of private patients, was opened in 2004. Around 1,500 employees are responsible for the care and treatment of 250 patients in the 25 specialist departments. For administration and organization approximately 1,500 employees are responsible.

Process Requirements

For time logging, a fingerprint solution was installed at the entrances to authenticate employees. Frequent problems with fingerprint-based attendance control in the operating rooms and other areas on campus created the need for action.


  • Contactless identification that meets hygiene requirements
  • An identification that does not require active interaction between employees
  • Integration of access control and time logging into the existing ERP system


The implemented Al-Ahli Hospital Application is a desktop application in combination with RFID technology. The presence of the employees is documented via RFID technology. The solution includes 10 RFID checkpoints. Three checkpoints are located outside and seven on the inside of the buildings. A UHF long range reader is installed at each checkpoint. A total of 36 UHF antennas are used.

The following reading points are located in the building: main entrance, pharmacy entrance, emergency room entrance, emergency room main entrance, technical area (2 reading points), catering entrance, Block B main entrance, and the entrance to the purchasing department.

All reading points are connected via the same network. Only one authority of the program -time logging – controls the reading points. All control points work in two ways (IN/OUT). The system is integrated with the ERP system (SQL Server database).

A total of 4,000 access authorization mediums were created. A desktop encoding station is available for encoding additional / undetectable badges.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


  • Controlled access for employees automatically, securely, and contactlessly
  • Real-time tracking at each individual entrance
  • Increased efficiency for business operations


  • Real-time localization solution for the hospital (employees, visitors, patients)

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