RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
  • RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
  • RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
  • RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
  • RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
  • RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
  • RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes
Medical Analysis

RFID Tagging of Blood Sample Test Tubes

The BioneXt LAB is a medical analysis laboratory in Luxembourg specialized in blood testing. Blood is collected at one of 40 locations in Luxembourg or via a mobile blood collection service directly at the patient's workplace or home. Additionally, BioneXt LAB performs blood tests for other medical laboratories and hospitals in Luxembourg.

The BioneXt LAB required a solution for operational optimization in the blood collection and analysis process. This includes the entry of patient data prior to blood collection, the allocation of blood samples to the respective patient, the tracking of each individual blood sample in the analysis process, and secure communication of the analysis results to the patients.

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The blood count provides physicians with important information about the health status of patients. Laboratory values can provide crucial diagnostic information and justify therapies in acute emergency situations or chronic diseases. Rapid detection of blood count abnormalities is required to meet deadlines. In this context, efficiently executed preparation for blood collection, evaluation of the samples and transmission of the results ensure that patients receive the test results on the day of blood collection.

A high level of data security is required for the confidential handling of examination results and patient data. Examination results may only be communicated to the persons designated for this purpose. Errors in the assignment of results lead to longer waiting times for patients or can result in incorrect diagnoses. The solution must prevent this.

Objectives of BioneXt LAB

  • To track blood samples from the time they are drawn to the time the results are analyzed
  • To identify each blood sample and to quickly communicate blood test results to patients
  • To reduce the workload for laboratory staff
  • To ensure patient and data security

The BioneXt LAB Solution

The BioneXt LAB uses a software application and app to manage patient data and blood test results in combination with RFID-tagged test tubes to identify and track each blood sample.

Before taking the blood sample, the laboratory staff enters the patient data into the myLAB software platform. A digital patient record is created from this data, followed by the blood draw. The blood is filled into a test tube on which an RFID label is applied. These labels have both an RFID inlay and a barcode.

After blood collection, laboratory staff place the filled test tubes on an RFID desktop reader. This captures the RFID tags and links the blood samples to the respective patient file and patient data. During each analysis step to generate the blood count, the RFID tag is read to accurately identify the test tubes and the blood samples they contain. Patients receive the results of the blood test via smartphone app linked to the software application.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Joaneo – RFID, Barcode & OEM Label
  • HealthIT– myLAB


  • Blood samples are tracked from the time of blood collection to the time the results are analyzed
  • Each blood sample is identified and the results of the blood tests are quickly transmitted to patients
  • Workload for laboratory staff is reduced
  • Patient and data security is guaranteed

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