RFID in 10 Garment Dispensing Rooms at the Hospital
  • RFID in 10 Garment Dispensing Rooms at the Hospital
  • RFID in 10 Garment Dispensing Rooms at the Hospital
  • RFID in 10 Garment Dispensing Rooms at the Hospital
University Hospital Graz

RFID in 10 Garment Dispensing Rooms at the Hospital

The regional University Hospital Graz is planning the handling of pool clothing for all employees with a room and cabinet solution. The personalized scrubs are to be transferred to a handling process with depersonalized clothing.

All employees receive their scrubs with sewn-in RFID transponders automatically in 10 garment dispensing rooms. In addition to the room concept, cabinet solutions are also planned.

With 19 university clinics, 52 standard nursing homes and 15 intensive care units along with more than 1,500 beds, the hospital is the largest in Europe in terms of surface area. Approximately 7,700 employees treat 88,000 inpatients and 414,000 outpatients per year.

Process Requirements

The handling of the personalized scrubs at the hospital was not transparent. Laundry for employees was washed as part of the total daily laundry volume of 17 tons. It was not possible for hospital logistics to track how many scrubs were in circulation at any one time and where they were located. Additionally, scrubs that were not returned to the laundry cycle represented tied up capital.


  • Digital recording of the logistics processes
  • Transparent scrubs laundry cycle
  • De-personalization of scrubs
  • Optimized inventory planning
  • Generate cost savings
  • Acquisition of high-quality pool clothing and higher retention times
  • Controlled issue of a maximum of three sets of clothing per employee


In 10 garment rooms (approximately 80 square meters in size with a capacity for 900 - 1000 employees), the return (dirty laundry) and distribution (clean laundry) of scrubs takes place. Employees identify themselves by means of employee badges on which the borrowed pieces of laundry are recorded. Each employee is authorized to borrow a maximum of six pieces of laundry. The tagged and non-personalized laundry items are recorded via RFID technology at the entrance gates of the rooms. The registration is carried out when taking back worn scrubs as well as when taking cleaned laundry items.

Since it is not possible to implement RFID-based garment rooms in every building due to lack of space, cabinet solutions are used. The lockers function according to the principle of garment rooms: clean laundry can only be removed after dirty laundry has been delivered.


  • Reduction of tied capital
  • Transparency in the employee laundry cycle
  • Decoupling of scrubs from the overall volume of laundry
  • Introduction of high-quality pool clothing

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