Monitoring Vaccine Doses with Sensor Technology and Bluetooth
  • Monitoring Vaccine Doses with Sensor Technology and Bluetooth
  • Monitoring Vaccine Doses with Sensor Technology and Bluetooth
  • Monitoring Vaccine Doses with Sensor Technology and Bluetooth
Vaccine Vial Tagging

Monitoring Vaccine Doses with Sensor Technology and Bluetooth

According to WHO estimates, about 50 percent of all vaccine doses lose effectiveness each year due to inadequate temperature control. When transporting temperature-sensitive vaccines in particular, a continuous cold chain must be maintained.

Vaccine manufacturers need a solution to track vaccine doses from manufacture to patient administration. Covid-19 vaccines in particular are temperature sensitive and rely on controlled storage and transport to maintain efficacy.

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Process Requirements

The storage temperature of Covid-19 vaccines varies by manufacturer. Some of the vaccines require storage as low as -70°C. Technology to track vaccine doses must be functional in these harsh environments and extreme temperatures during storage and transport. Control of each individual vaccine dose, as well as an overall view of the temperature in the warehouse, is required. Concurrent proof of authenticity is requested to enhance patient safety.

Objectives of Vaccine Manufacturers

  • To prevent wastage of vaccine due to poor temperature control
  • To increase patient safety
  • To track each vaccine dose from production to administration
  • To prove the safety and authenticity of the vaccine

The Solution for Vaccine Manufacturers

Each vaccine vial is tagged with a Wiliot IoT Pixel, a single-chip Bluetooth computer with sensor capability, at the point of manufacture. The IoT Pixel measures the temperature of each vaccine dose across the supply chain and records both vial fill level and vaccine dilution.

The data collected by the IoT Pixel is transmitted via Bluetooth. Further processing of the data is handled by the Wiliot ecosystem consisting of AI, cloud infrastructure and algorithms, and the processed data is made available to vaccine manufacturers. The temperature, fill level as well as dilution of each vaccine vial is monitored in real time. An accurate temperature map is created based on the data. This provides a more accurate temperature measurement and overview within a warehouse or transport vehicle compared to a single gauge and stores it as history. The authenticity of the vaccine is proven based on the data transmitted by the IoT pixels. Before administration to patients, the vaccine is checked for correct dilution.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Wiliot IoT Pixel


  • Vaccines are tracked throughout the supply chain
  • Continuous temperature control is implemented
  • Authenticity of vaccines is proven and properly diluted before administration
  • Patient safety is increased

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