BLE and NFC in the Order and Payment Process
  • BLE and NFC in the Order and Payment Process
  • BLE and NFC in the Order and Payment Process
  • BLE and NFC in the Order and Payment Process
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BLE and NFC in the Order and Payment Process

The Hard Rock Cafe in Lyon (France) uses combined NFC Bluetooth low energy tags at every table. The technology optimizes the ordering and payment process via tap and smartphone.

Hard Rock International has 262 branches - including hotels, casinos, rock shops, and cafes - in 76 countries worldwide.

Process Requirements

The waiting time for orders at the Hard Rock Cafe in Lyon was too long. The staff were unable to provide customer service (menu requests, ordering, re-ordering, changing orders, and paying) in a timely manner.


  • Guests order and pay without interaction with service personnel
  • Automatic transfer of orders in case of location change
  • Ordering and payment of merchandise articles directly at the table
  • Separate bills for different guests without additional time and effort


Each table was labeled with a POP (proof of presence) tag. The tag combines NFC and BLE functionality in a tamper-proof transponder.

As soon as a guest taps the POP at his table with his smartphone with the NFC/BLE interface activated, a web application opens. It is not necessary to download a designated app.

The web application is used to read the menu, place orders and pay the bill. The customer also purchases merchandise articles via the web application.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


Hard Rock Cafe

  • Sales increase: 7% due to increased average orders and additional income from sales at the table
  • Cost reduction: 6% through more efficient use of personnel
  • Reduced waiting times ensure better utilization, even in special areas
  • Customer loyalty through information on special offers
  • Improved visibility of the cafe in social networks
  • Higher positive customer ratings


  • Reduced waiting times
  • No app installation necessary
  • Service personnel comes promptly
  • Separate bills without additional effort
  • Direct feedback via the web application

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