RFID Tagging in Fashion Retail
  • RFID Tagging in Fashion Retail
  • RFID Tagging in Fashion Retail
  • RFID Tagging in Fashion Retail
Fashion Retail

RFID Tagging in Fashion Retail

Scotch & Soda is a fashion manufacturer from the Netherlands, specializing in men's, women's and children's clothing. Founded in 1985 in Amsterdam, the company is now represented worldwide with over 165 stores in 70 countries.

Scotch & Soda aims to modernize its supply chain using an RFID solution. Instead of conventional clothing labels, RFID tags will be used. The digitization of the supply chain with the possibility of tracking goods worldwide as well as an increase in inventory accuracy in the stores are part of the modernization strategy.

(Image Source: Scotch & Soda)

Process Requirements

The company needed a central, holistic view of its inventory for the successful implementation of an omnichannel strategy. In this strategy, the individual stores act as "mini distribution centers" for shipping goods to customers or for setting up click-and-collect services. An exact overview of goods at all locations is a prerequisite for the on-time delivery of goods to customers. High inventory accuracy and transparency in the supply chain is essential to meet customer expectations. Tagging garments at the point of manufacture ensures end-to-end goods tracking.

Objectives of Scotch & Soda:

  • To address customers via multiple sales channels
  • To increase inventory accuracy and goods availability
  • To reduce or avoid overproduction
  • To make goods visible across the entire supply chain
  • To optimize omnichannel services

The Scotch & Soda Solution

Scotch & Soda will tag an average of ten million garments with RFID tags every year. Tagging takes place during the manufacture of the garments and enables their seamless tracking in the supply chain. Goods are tagged at several intermediate points in the supply chain: at goods issue and receipt at the distribution center, at the in-store warehouse, and on the sales floor and in transit. Inventory accuracy is increased throughout the supply chain.

Scotch & Soda uses the SaaS platform iD Cloud. The management of inventory and the processing of orders is based on the platform. Inventory monitoring of all stores as well as online order processing, buy-and-pickup and click-and-collect processes are done on the platform. Merchandise availability is increased for consumers across multiple sales channels.

Hardware & Software

  • Checkpoint Systems - Njord Label
  • Nedap Retail - SaaS Platform iD Cloud


  • Increased goods visibility and inventory accuracy in the supply chain
  • Omnichannel services are adapted to customer requirements
  • Overproduction of goods is prevented
  • Merchandise availability is increased across multiple sales channels

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