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Think Wireless IoT Day 06-2022: Livestream on November 16th

Important Questions in Difficult Times: Which Technologies are Driving the Industry Forward? How are Companies Transforming and Becoming Digital?

Invitation to the international livestream on November 16th from 10:50 to 14:30 CET - in English.

Topics on the Agenda:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Digitalization + Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Factory + Data Connectivity
  • Microbatteries + Battery-free Sensors
  • Predictive Maintenance Reducing Invisible Waste in Factories
  • Larger Memory RAIN RFID Tags
  • Robotics in Warehouse Logistics
  • Technological Development Towards 6G

Expert speakers offer all participants their expertise, their practical experiences and the latest research results. They answer questions in the livestream and respond directly to all participants. Two moderators will accompany the livestream. An end user explains a current project in a live interview.

Conclusion: A diverse program + first-hand expertise + questions in the livestream.

In cooperation with:

  • Zebra Technologies
  • HID Global
  • Asygn
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • OPC Foundation
  • Prediktor
  • Fraunhofer IZM
  • Elatec
Think WIOT Day Movies
OPC Foundation & Prediktor
Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation & Espen Krogh, Prediktor
Stefan Hoppe & Espen Krogh
President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation & CEO, Prediktor respectively
Live Interview
  • Standardizing industrial communication with OPC UA
  • Ensuring data security in industrial production
  • How OPC UA supports energy efficiency
  • Use Cases of OPC UA in the energy industry for wind and solar parks
Sofia Benouakta
RFID Application Engineer, Asygn
UHF RFID Sensor Devices for Predictive Maintenance
  • Sensor devices that can connect to any existing UHF RFID infrastructure
  • Low power and high-resolution measurement
  • Sensors embedded inside the IC, no need for extra devices
  • Batteryless sensors
NXP Semiconductors
James Goodland
Director of RAIN RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors
Accelerating the Industrial IoT through the Use of Larger Memory RAIN RFID Tags
  • RAIN RFID, a foundational element of Industrial & IoT applications, is reshaping how manufacturers produce, deliver, and manage their products.
  • This session will look at how RAIN RFID systems using memory tags, which combines advanced track-and-trace functions with IoT connectivity, revolutionizes industrial processes, by giving machines and people new ways to securely identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item – at any point in its life cycle.
Zebra Technologies
Daniel Dombach
Director EMEA Industry Solutions, Zebra Technologies
(Production Logistics) Why Flexibility is a Sign of Warehouse Logistics Maturity
  • How the current economic situation creates new challenges for logistics and warehousing
  • How do companies plan to change from now until 2027
  • How the evolution of technology and solutions creates maturity in warehouse operations
  • How sensors drive the change from worker driven transactional data to sensor real time transactional data
  • How robots can change the life of workers in logistics.
Fraunhofer IZM
Dr. Robert Hahn
Group Leader Microenergy Systems at Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin
Miniaturized Batteries for the Smallest Applications
  • What are microbatteries?
  • The challenges of microbattery development
  • Research project Sens4Bee & insect monitoring with a microbattery, RFID and sensors
  • Hearing aids with microbatteries
Jan Broz
Area Sales Manager Czech Republic, Elatec
Mobile Credentials Used for Authentication
  • Authentication factors
  • Devices used for authentication
  • Different authentication technologies
  • Mobile phones to replace smartcards
HID Global
Brad Williams
Global Sales Director, Industrial – IoT Services, HID Global
Reducing Invisible Waste & Unplanned Asset Downtime with Wireless IoT Sensors
  • Invisible waste is an enemy of efficient process & workflows
  • Identify process issues & close factory data gaps
  • Gain real-time visibility into the health of critical equipment
  • Identify faulting equipment & reduce unplanned equipment downtime


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