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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

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Think WIoT DAY 06-2022: Industrial IoT & WIOT Technologies

Best Practice and Technology Live and Direct!

Livestream on November 16th from 10:00 to 17:00 CET; Language: English.
* Users from all industries, research and educational institutions and partner companies are welcome to participate.

It's All About Transformation, Digitalization, Sustainability and the Future

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Experts explain the latest trends in wireless IoT technologies for Industry 4.0. A maximum of eight speakers offer know-how and best practice experience. They are competent contacts for the livestream audience.

Book a lecture slot for your company and join one of the six livestreams with your topic.

What is it All About?

Augmented reality and data glasses are being increasingly used in a growing number of industries. RFID is being integrated into additively manufactured components. Manufacturers and suppliers use OPC UA interfaces for uniform data transmission and usability. Simulations are generated from real data and transferred to the controller to achieve real improvements in production.

AI and cloud applications optimize order planning and reduce overproduction. Systems are monitored with sensors, and malfunctions can be directly identified or anticipated in order to carry out predictive maintenance operations. Data analytics demonstrate progress of digitalization measures. 5G enables fast data connections without latency in automation.

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Main Topics of the Expert Lectures on “Industrial IoT | Wireless IoT Technologies ”

  • Augmented reality and data glasses in industrial use
  • RFID in components
  • OPC UA interfaces for uniform data transmission and usability
  • Improving production through simulations
  • AI and cloud applications optimize order planning
  • Monitoring of plants with sensors
  • Data analysis and digitalization measures
  • 5G in automation

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Live Stream not yet set up


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