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Fraunhofer IFF at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

Fraunhofer IFF presents a 3D scanning application and gives a lecture on resilient logistics!

The highlight at the IFF booth at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL: The LiDAR-based 3D scan for intralogistic applications. An RFID wristband for mobile object identification in handling processes will also be presented. In the digital conference on December 3rd, Prof. Dr. Richter will speak in the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum about multi-sensor scans for increasing resilience in logistics processes.

Visit the digital booth of the Fraunhofer IFF from November 23rd to December 18th!

12 Dec 2023 - Real-Time Visibility of Assets in Hospitals

AI-Based 3D Scan

"In logistics, large operating areas can be recorded by sensors using LiDAR technology, for example to analyze travel times in the picking area or to monitor hazardous areas. We will be presenting the system at the digital booth," explains Olaf Poenicke from the Fraunhofer IFF.

RFID Wristband for Mobile Object Identification

"We will also be presenting our RFID wristband for mobile object identification in handling processes. The RFID wristband is designed in such a way that the antenna integrated at wrist height allows goods to be identified with free hands without additional work steps. The secure and unambiguous identification of goods or gripping areas with the RFID wristband within the scope of established handling operations makes it possible to transfer the corresponding goods and process information to a central system in real time.

The serial product is further optimized by continuous small development advances. The latest version can be seen at the digital booth", explains Olaf Poenicke from Fraunhofer IFF. "We will also present our development and solution competence in the field of LPWAN technologies".

Lecture on Resilient Logistics on December 3rd

On December 3rd, Prof. Dr. Richter, Head of the Department of Material Flow Technology and Systems at the Fraunhofer IFF, will give a lecture on digitization in material flow and discuss the IFF's research priorities in the area of resilience. How can logistics chains be better prepared for unpredictable disturbances? What role does the use of scanning technologies at goods transfer points play in increasing responsiveness and maintaining operational capability? These questions will be answered in his presentation in the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum.

Be There Digitally!

22 Nov 2023 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 03-2023

Visit the digital booth of the Fraunhofer IFF from November 23rd to December 18th and take part in Prof. Dr. Richter's lecture in the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum on December 3rd!

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