AUTHENTICATION SOLUTIONS for the Networked Factory

Issue 03/2023 - Publication date: November 22nd, 2023

Cover story from ELATEC RFID Systems: AUTHENTICATION SOLUTIONS for the Networked Factory.


  • TURCK - KEB Automation is Expanding its Automated Driverless Transport System with RFID Technology
  • OPC Foundation - Prediktor Drives the Standardization on OPC UA in Solar Energy Production
  • AIM - 50 Years of Excellence in Standards for Auto ID Technologies
  • ASYGN - UHF Label with Sensor Controls Safety in Buildings
  • HUAYUAN - Production in the Millions: RFID & NFC Growth Rates of 100 Percent
  • E-GARDE - E-Garde Pioneers Innovation with New Capacitive Sensor ICs
  • SCHREINER - Labels for all (Life) Situations
  • IDTRONIC - RFID Enhances the Electromobility Ecosystem
  • STACKFORCE - Smart Protocol Stacks for IoT-Enabled Devices
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