Industrial IoT, Research, Security & Wireless IoT Technologies

Issue 04/2022 - Publication date: December 22th, 2022

Industrial IoT, Research, Security & Wireless IoT Technologies!

the new year is approaching and one thing is clear: In the future, the focus will be on intelligent and transparent supply chains. A crucial role will be played by returnable packaging and transport containers, which will become visible in supply chains thanks to RAIN RFID tags. The NXP Semiconductors cover story, including an interview with James Goodland, Director of RAIN RFID Solutions, provides an outlook on 2023 as the year of intelligent supply chains.

A practical example of RFID-enabled supply chains is provided by the Austrian fire equipment supplier Rosenbauer. Replenishment control for C-parts in intralogistics is optimized with RFID-tagged KLT boxes.


  • NXP SEMICONDUCTORS - 2023 Will Become the Year of Smart Supply Chains
  • OPC FOUNDATION - Production Steps Connected with OPC UA
  • ITMI - Tracking Fishing Equipment with RFID
  • TOMKAT LINE FISH - NFC Tracking in Seafood Logistics
  • SPAR AUSTRIA GROUP - 5G & AI Deployment Optimize Merchandise Logistics and Customer Experience
  • ROSENBAUER GROUP - Automated C-Parts Management with RFID
  • LORAWAN - LoRaWAN Enables Long- Range Radio Transmission
  • 5G - Fast Data Transfer for New Use Cases
  • UWB - UWB Applications in Industry, Logistics and Smart Homes
  • FRAUNHOFER IZM - Research, Development and Applications of Microbatteries
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