Smarter Vehicle Manufacturing with NXP UCODE 9xm Tags

Issue 02/2023 - Publication date: July 11th, 2023

The cover story from NXP Semiconductors explains how NXP UCODE 9xm Tags make vehicle manufacturing processes smarter.

Throughout the automotive industry, as part of the larger trend of Industry 4.0, manufacturers and their supply chain partners are using RAIN RFID for item-level digitization. RAIN RFID allows them to identify, locate, and engage with items of all kinds – tools, raw materials, sub-components, finished products – at every point in production, delivery, and even after the sale.


  • NXP SEMICONDUCTORS - Smarter Vehicle Manufacturing with NXP UCODE 9xm Tags
  • LES LAVANDIÈRES DE PROVENCE - French Laundry Tags 60,000 Laundry Items with UHF RFID
  • NORDLAND HOSPITAL -Optimized Textile Management in a Hospital in Northern Norway
  • ECHARGE HARDY BARTH - Charging Station with the Service of a Gas Station Based on Technology from Legic
  • AXESS - Axess Operates Segmentation Machines from Rinas Gerätetechnik for Card Production
  • TURCK - Christian Wolf and Bernd Wieseler from Turck Discuss Digitalization and Sustainability in an Interview
  • KWS SAAT - Seed Producer Guarantees Seed Quality with HF Solution from Turck
  • KATHREIN SOLUTIONS - Optimally Determining the Position of Forklifts in the Warehouse
  • LOGOPAK - Precise Labeling for Highly Automated Production Lines
  • ENGELHARD ARZNEIMITTEL - Rüdiger John, Engelhard, Explains How RFID Optimizes Production and Eliminates Sources of Error
  • WITHOUTME - Startup Develops First HF RFID Pooling System for Cosmetics
  • NFL FOOTBALL LEAGUE - Tracking with RFID and UWB in Professional Sports
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