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All About Marking Solutions at the Think WIOT Day

Advantages of New Industrial Labeling Solutions Explained Live!

Five exciting lectures on the topic of logistics and supply chain await participants of the Think WIOT Day livestream “Logistics & Supply Chain” on September 14th. This includes: "How to Benefit from Industrial Marking" by Nils Berndt, Specialist for Modular Labeling Solutions and Coding, Bluhm Systeme!

13 May 2024 - Connected Tires with RFID

The lecture from Bluhm Systeme at the Think WIOT Day Logistics & Supply Chain will focus on new labeling and marking solutions for logistics and the supply chain. The lecture starts on September 14th at 13:00 CEST – register now and attend!

Increasing Process Transparency and Designing Logistics Intelligently

The lecture will cover five key topics on industrial labeling in logistics and the supply chain:

  • Regulations and specifications – how are these transformed into concrete benefits?
  • Preventing product counterfeiting and strengthening brand protection
  • Ensuring high transparency from production to the end customer
  • Networking, process automation and documentation 
  • Minimizing production interruptions with intelligent remote maintenance

Find out how your production and logistics can be optimized with new labeling solutions. What information belongs on the label? How can throughput be increased? And how can the systems be intelligently maintained?

Nils Berndt will provide the answers to these questions in a lecture on September 14th. Be part of the experience!

Participation in the Think WIOT Day Livestream “Logistics & Supply Chain”

07 May 2024 - IoT for Enhanced Logistics Efficiency

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