FlexiRay is Soaring on the Tail End of the Pandemic

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FlexiRay is Soaring on the Tail End of the Pandemic

Antenna Manufacture and Distribution is Poised for Further Growth

FlexiRay is manufacturer and distributor of ultra thin UHF RFID antennas and portals. Based in the Southeast of the Czech Republic, FlexiRay has provided RFID solutions to customers all over Europe, in North America and in Asia since 2005.

09 Jan 2024 - Ultra-Slim UHF RFID Antenna Development

Two-digit Growth and Hopeful for More

The pandemic with its many negative ramifications has lead to a slowing down of business activities in the RFID and WIoT industries. For FlexiRay, too, 2021 was a difficult year: “The pandemic opened up a lot of questions about energy sources, production locations and supply chains”, says Miroslav Jakšík, Managing Director at FlexiRay. Nonetheless the company turnover grew considerably in 2021. “Existing customers”, explains Miroslav Jakšík, “used the time for improving their installations.” This resulted in a two-digit increase in sales.

IC Shortage Does Not Affect FlexiRays’ Antenna Business

FlexiRay’s product range encompasses UHF RFID readers, portals, rugged antennas and ultra thin antennas. Since ICs are not in integral component in Flexiray’s RFID antennas or portals, the global IC shortage has not affected business activities. As antennas, portals and readers come in a slim and elegant design and can be specified to meet the customer’s needs in a variety of ways (e.g. antenna length, size of outfit, design), they continue to appeal to customers. “As soon as chips are involved, of course, our resellers also have problems due to the IC shortage”, says Miroslav Jakšík.

Focus on Development of New Antennas

FlexiRay is now focusing on developing new antennas. Currently, the company has 15 employees at their headquarters and assembly facilities in the Czech Republic. The certification for a new RFID portal is all but complete. In order to extend production and distribution capacities, FlexiRay is seeking new team members.

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Miroslav Jaksik
Miroslav Jaksik
Managing Director, FlexiRay
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
Radek Macha
Radek Macha
Product Support
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
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