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Czech-Made RFID Antennas and Readers Distributed Worldwide

FlexiRay Joins the Wireless IOT Business Platform!

Based in Buchlovice in the Czech Republic, FlexiRay is a trademark of the company BARCO. FlexiRay focuses on the design and manufacture of UHF RFID antennas and portals.

As an extension to the portfolio, a brand new RFID reader is currently in development. All products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and distributed across the globe. The Czech company started their RFID business sector in 2005.

Commercially Available UHF RFID Flexiray Antenna vs. Old-Fashioned

FlexiRay developed its own modular, slim UHF RFID antennas as a result of over 10 years of practical experience with projects using conventional RFID antennas. “Our extensive practical experience in RFID projects has made us aware of a significant gap in the market concerning RFID deployment in interior environments.

This included the installation of RFID reading zones on production lines and conveyor belts for example. For this reason, we have developed unique, ultra slim UHF RFID antennas fit for such applications. One FlexiRay antenna that replaces two standard antennas, an expensive stand and provides a better radiation pattern,” explains Miroslav Jaksik, Managing Director at FlexiRay.

The goal at FlexiRay is to provide commercially available RFID antennas and readers for the optimization of RFID systems in various industries. RFID technology should be made more accessible and easy to deploy.

FlexiRay UHF RFID antennas are designed for use in various different projects including interior installation at entrances or passageways, narrow corridors, conveyor belts, in smart cabinets and etc.

Part of the product portfolio are the FlexiRay SF2, SFR3 and SFR4 RFID antennas. 

RFID Portal for Asset Tracking 

FlexiRay has also developed an RFID portal for tracking applications. This includes the tracking of assets, equipment, documents, files and people in indoor environments such as offices, libraries, retail stores, IT and data centers, as well as hospitals. The portal is compatible with any UHF RFID reader available on the market. Tagged assets, for instance library books, that pass through the portal will be captured and the respective data (date and time rented) is recorded. This way, librarians can keep track of every book that has entered and left the library through the portals.

Find out more about FlexiRay's Portal here!  

The Latest from FlexiRay: All on the Search Engine!

Don't miss this opportunity and get to know FlexiRay through the company profile and contacts on the search engine! Dipl. Ing. Miroslav Jaksik, Managing Director at Flexiray, will be your contact partner for any inquiries. Questions? Contact him now!

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FlexiRay SFR3 RFID Antenna
FlexiRay SF2 RFID Antenna
FlexiRay SFR4 RFID Antenna
FlexiRay RFID Portal
Miroslav Jaksik
Miroslav Jaksik
Managing Director, FlexiRay
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
Sebastian Urbis
Sales and Marketing Team
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
Radek Macha
Product Support
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
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