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HID: New Driver’s License & Smart Tachograph Card Solution in Finland

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HID: New Driver’s License & Smart Tachograph Card Solution in Finland

HID’s Comprehensive Smartcard Solution to Secure Access to Device Data for Drivers, Law Enforcement and More

HID, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has been awarded a contract to provide Finland with a new high-security driver’s license cards and personalization services solution, incorporating the European second-generation smart Tachograph solution. This collaboration reflects HID’s commitment to enhancing security and efficiency in Finland's transportation systems.

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Finland will benefit from a comprehensive, tailor-made, and configurable solution that integrates software, hardware, and equipment to align with the Traffic Authority's vision of a streamlined and efficient digital document issuance system. For the project, HID has joined forces with CardPlus Systems, a trusted partner that provides secure ID documents, services, and systems, to ensure an exceptional driver's license solution with industry-leading features.

Max Fogdell, Head of Services for Driving Licenses and Examinations at Finland’s Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, stated, "The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, is pleased to enter into a partnership with HID. We are convinced that with HID's broad experience in the field of trusted identity solutions, we will be able to ensure that our card services continue to meet the highest level of security, efficiency, and compliance with the European Union's safety regulations.”

Craig Sandness, Senior Vice President and Head of Citizen Identity & Secure Issuance expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "We are proud to collaborate with the government of Finland and contribute to the enhancement of the country's driver's license and tachograph systems. Our commitment to security and innovation is unwavering, and this contract is a testament to our dedication to safeguarding citizens and infrastructure."

With the European Union’s new safety standards and tachograph regulations, commercial vehicles in the region are required to install second-generation tachographs by 2026. HID’s advanced solution fully complies with these stringent regulations and includes smartcards securing access to device data for drivers, law enforcement, companies, and workshops.

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For additional information about HID’s ID Document Issuance solutions, please visit the website.

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