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Webinar: Duress & Infant Security in Healthcare via RTLS

RTLS, RFID, BLE, and Sensors in Use at Hospitals!

Learn more from Kerry Brock, Head of IOTS Healthcare at HID about interesting hospital use cases for duress and infant security. Don’t miss the lecture “Duress & Infant Security in Healthcare with the Help of RTLS ” at the Think WIOT Day “Healthcare + Security”!

23 Apr 2024 - RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking Strategies

When? On November 15th from 11:30 CET. Register here for the live webinar!

Hospitals and related healthcare institutions experience an increased need to protect their staff and patients from workplace assaults. Fulfilling compliance and audit demands to avoid errors in the work process adds further strain on the heavy workload of staff members. Kerry Brock demonstrates how hospitals can support staff members and process by using active or passive RFID solutions with sensors and Bluetooth functionality to locate assets, provide access control, alerting and workflow logistics.

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Think WIOT Day Healthcare & Security + Laundry Management + Wireless IoT Technologies

The presentation is part of the livestream "Think WIOT Day – Healthcare + Security + Laundry Management + Wireless IoT Technologies". Technology, use cases and best practice will be presented in a total of five lectures. Click here to see the full agenda!

11 Apr 2024 - HID Introduces Mobile Credentials in Google Wallet

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Richard Aufreiter
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