HID Textile Services
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HID Textile Services

Real-time Linen Management

Identify, track and manage inventory and process flows

HID Textile Services is a real-time inventory management solution combining software, RFID tags, equipment and cloud services to efficiently identify, track and manage linen and textile assets. For institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, work wear, medical garments, or janitorial supplies, HID Textile Services enable automated systems to track large volumes of individual items faster and more accurately.  

Marie Glotz

Wireless identification & sensing components and services enabling industrial IoT solutions

Marie Glotz
VP Sales
Granges-Veveyse, Switzerland

Key Facts

  • Anywhere, anytime, have complete visibility over your linen stock
  • Optimize business operations using real-time analytics and reports
  • Utilize innovative RFID tags and reader equipment, optimized for the industry
  • Many installations at the most sophisticated commercial laundries, hotels and hospitals worldwide

Technology Facts:

  • ACUITY – complete Cloud IoT Platform collects, analyzes, and transforms real-time RFID data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing a comprehensive overview of linen stocks by article reference or individual zones in your facility and customer sites.
  • RFID Tags – HID Provides a wide arrange of RAIN® RFID UHF (LinTRAK™) and HF tags (BluTAG) designed to identify, track and manage laundry and textile assets efficiently through their lifecycle.
  • RFID Readers and other equipment – Everything needed to run an RFID enabled operation is provided by HID including, Bluetooth UHF and UHF handheld readers, cabins, portable stations, table-tops, large portals and other ancillary equipment.


  • Industrial Laundry – HID provides a comprehensive laundry management solution for textile professionals. ACUITY is a cloud platform that seamlessly integrates into existing laundry processes with and without RFID to reduce linen losses and save on purchases, streamline laundry process to reduce total costs of operation, and supports real-time operational and business decisions. 
  • Hospitality – Save on inventory distortion from out-of-stock, which is estimated at over $250 million per year. ACUITY helps prevent incorrect lined assortment planning and allocation, over purchases and linen management costs, lost room sales and improves guest satisfaction with better housekeeping service quality.
  • Healthcare – Healthcare professionals need to focus on patient care, not laundry. ACUITY reduces Linen and uniform management time and costs, improves linen availability, and delivers safe linen rotation to prevent spread of infection.

HID is the trusted source for innovative products, solutions, and services that help millions of customers around the globe to create, manage, and use secure identities.

  • Robust RFID tags for professional applications supporting LF, HF/NFC, RAIN RFID (UHF) and BLE. Custom design Services.
  • Contactless Access control systems, Credentials, readers and Smartcard printers
  • Condition monitoring: Gather wireless status and information on motorised equipment. Industries include: facilities and building management, manufacturing, oil & gas, cold chain (food & beverage, pharmaceuticals)
  • Real-time location services: Indoor position of mission critical assets, tools, portable equipment, vehicles and proximity based location using alerts, policies for location aware heat maps
  • Access Management: for events and public transport ticketing
  • Textile Service: RFID-based Laundry and Uniform management for hospitality and industrial laundries

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