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HUAYUAN to Launch it's Smallest NFC Transponder

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HUAYUAN to Launch it's Smallest NFC Transponder

HUAYUAN Will be Launching it's Smallest NFC Transponder

HUAYUAN has been producing NFC tags since 2008, and can customize NFC tags (NFC inlays & stickers) in a variety of sizes. HUAYUAN is proud to launch an NFC transponder that measures 12 mm in diameter, which is almost the smallest NFC AL antenna design tag in the world. The tag can be easily and flexibly inserted in places with limited space for all kinds of NFC applications with great performance.

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Customers benefit from a high capacitance, a high-level NFC chip, and a precise 12mm diamter antenna. The finished tag size can be between 14-15mm in diameter with a read range 20mm+ on NFC mobile phones. HUAYUAN’s former minimum NFC antenna size was 13mm in diameter, which was the smallest NFC option in the market that came with a reading range of around 25mm or more. However, HUAYUAN's newest NFC design with the 12mm diameter breaks through this limit. The tag size is close to the minimal size limit of aluminum etched NFC antenna designs.

NFC is a passive and cost-effective communication technology. It helps retailer enhance shopping experiences and deals with huge market competitiveness. Advantages of NFC technology includes:

  • Enhancing consumers’ shopping experience
  • Solving store payment problems, and improving customer service
  • Quick payment, improving convenience
  • Decreasing operating charges

NFC for Product Authentication

Counterfeit goods are a global challenge in all industries and can lead to sales loss and poor user experience. Consumers can easily authenticate goods by scanning the RFID NFC tags that can optimize customer experience and improve their loyalty.

NFC for Product Information

Product information and user comments can be collected if customers read the NFC tags with their NFC mobile phones. Furthermore, potential customers can receive information about promotions and VIP activities. This process adds a fun interactive product experience.

NFC for Shopping Experience

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Rather than having to stand in a queue, consumers only need to scan the NFC tags attached on the goods with their NFC mobile phones. This would bring them directly to the sales page where can proceed directly with the payment. In the meantime, the page will also show some related products or a list of recommended products based on the customer’s overall interests.

NFC for Social Media

Social media is all about sharing and publishing. Besides connections and friendships, it also brings about changes in finding goods, services and shopping. NFC technology helps retailers promote a lot of product information. On the other hand, it also simplifys consumer decisions and shopping processes.

NFC for Customer Loyalty

NFC-driven advertising campaigns have helped well-known brands such as Lexus, Ralph, Adidas and KFC to increase customer and in-store engagement. NFC technology helps retailers build a loyalty customer system by creating impressive shopping routes.

HUAYUAN has been focusing on the production of RFID NFC tags for 20+ years, offering a broad product portfolio for various custom projects. Contact the experts at HUAYUAN for more information!

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