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Security Platform, Products and Services from LEGIC Identsystems

LEGIC Security Modules and Smartcard ICs. Image: LEGIC Identsystems

Security Platform, Products and Services from LEGIC

Platforms, Modules and Smartcard ICs for Increased Security!

LEGIC Identsystems, a Swiss-based company with over 30 years of expertise in solutions with demanding security requirements, has developed it’s product and services portfolio that comprise an end-to-end Security Platform: Trusted Services, Security Modules, Mobile SDK and Smartcard ICs.

22 Jan 2024 - LUMEN ID Joins the Global LEGIC Partner Network

LEGIC Security Platform

Security Platform: LEGIC cloud-based software trusted services enable smartcard and smartphone app-based authentication and management of end-users worldwide based on an intelligent, contactless credentialing service.

The platform seamlessly integrates with customer applications to enable access control, mobility, smart city and industrial IoT services based on secure end-user authentication and credential management. This enables our customers to deploy applications that implement contactless user authorization (who may use what?) and permissioning (what can they do?) based on each user’s individual credentials which can be updated in real-time. The platform operates both online and offline.

There are over 100 thousand installations of LEGIC’s Security Platforms running worldwide in office buildings, airports, hotels, university campuses, hospitals and mobility vehicles. For an overview of the diverse use cases, visit

LEGIC Security Modules

As an integral part of the LEGIC end-to-end Security Platform, LEGIC’s 6000 series Security Modules are installed in end-devices and infrastructure and are used for contactless user authentication and access control via smartcard and smartphone for buildings, vehicles, industrial equipment, devices and ePayment terminals (i.e. park houses, vending machines, canteens, etc.). They support secure RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy communications, all in a single compact 8 x 8 mm module.

09 Jan 2024 - Rhenus and LEGIC Announce e-Lock

LEGIC’s Security Modules support all the relevant RFID transponder technologies, including Mifare, DESfire, HID® iClass® standard, Felica plus Bluetooth® Low Energy and NFC, and of course all LEGIC standards (neon, advant, prime) allowing an easy migration from existing to new transponder technologies.

LEGIC Smartcard ICs

LEGIC’s smartcard ICs are used in badges and key fobs used for authorized access to office buildings, schools, airports, government buildings, hotel rooms, private dwellings, etc.

All credential data stored on LEGIC smartcard is encrypted via AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES, DES, or LEGIC encryption. LEGIC Security Modules are pre-programmed with corresponding decryption keys stored in an integrated secure element, meaning they never leave secure environments in an unencrypted form. Keys are also modified after each session eliminating so-called replay attacks. This ensures that LEGIC smartcards are protected from counterfeit and cloning attempts.

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Carl Fenger
Technical Communications Manager
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John Harvey
Head of Business Unit Access Management
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Felix Pütz
Head of Business Unit Mobility & Smart City
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