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Primo1D Corporate Actions Towards Sustainability

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Primo1D Corporate Actions Towards Sustainability

Strong Commitment to Creating a Circular Economy

At a glance:

  • Silver Medal from EcoVadis in 2022
  • On-going implementation of ISO14001 standards
  • LCA result: negligible carbon footprint
  • Strengthened involvement at local level with CEC

The embedded RFID yarn designer and manufacturer Primo1D made headlines earlier in 2023 when announcing its collaboration with sporting textile manufacturer Decathlon who integrates Primo1D’s RFID yarn in part of its garments. It is proven that the UHF RFID yarn has no impact on the textile recycling process. This is an important milestone for Primo1D and sustainable RFID applications. But textile recycling is not the only way in which Primo1D honors its commitment to sustainability.

07 Mar 2024 - E-YARN S

Reaching International Standards with Ecovadis and On-Going ISO14001 Projects

In 2022, Primo1D succeeded in obtaining a silver medal from Ecovadis, who is a leading provider of business sustainability ratings. Primo1D is proud to be part of the 25 percent of companies with the highest ratings. Internal CSR standards and manifested goals to manage sustainability risk and compliance are the prerequisite for this certification. For 2023, a new challenge has been set, applying ISO 14001 standards which center around contributions to the preservation of nature and the achievement of climate goals. This is one step forward into defining and implementing sustainability practices regarding daily activities.

Focusing on Eco-Design with a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

A Life Cycle Analysis has been conducted in order to identify eco-design opportunities and reduce Primo1D’s environmental impact if necessary. The LCA analyzed Primo1D’s manufacturing process from raw material extraction to the product manufacturing itself, from manufacturing, to assembly and product textile packaging. Primo1D’s RFID yarn was found to have a negligible carbon footprint as it represents the equivalent of nine grams of CO2, compared to a viscose shirt lifecycle which is 9kg/ CO2 (Source: Ademe).

Local Involvements with CEC

CEC is a French association whose aim is to generate awareness and support economical stakeholders with transforming their activities into a regenerative economy. Primo1D has been connecting with a network of companies at the local level to potentially create initiatives and cooperation for further innovations and projects.

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