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Primo1D Starts Mass Production of UHF RFID E-Thread™

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Primo1D Starts Mass Production of UHF RFID E-Thread™

Production Line with a Capacity of 15 Million Tags per Year in Operation!

Back in 2013, Primo1D conceived the E-Thread™ tag – a yarn-wrapped UHF RFID tag. The technology including the manufacturing process, the integration of the tag into products as well as the use of the tags are protected by 22 patents. The tag is designed to be integrated into textiles and garments and remains in the product for its entire lifetime. Primo1D commissioned the first production line for E-Thread™ at the beginning of 2022 and started mass production.

07 Mar 2024 - E-YARN S

Embedded UHF RFID Solution for the Textile Industry

The E-Thread™ tag is robust and can be embedded directly in the product during garment production. It uses a UHF RFID chip from Impinj. The tag withstands high temperatures and multiple domestic washing processes.

"Brands in the textile industry are the main target for E-Thread™. Embedded RFID tags are needed in the industry for new applications that go beyond logistics and inventory management," explains Emmanuel Arène, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Primo1D. "New business models are emerging based on rental and second hand use of garments and accessories. At the same time, new laws are being enacted that require textile companies to be more sustainable, particularly for return and recycling of garments at end-of-life."

"These applications require tracking throughout the lifecycle of a product," Emmanuel Arène continued. "This is possible with E-Thread™. For this reason, Primo1D has started mass production at the beginning of 2022."

Production Line for E-Thread™ Developed in Cooperation with Mühlbauer

Primo1D has been working with Mühlbauer, a leading equipment supplier for RFID tag manufacturing, for over three years. In cooperation with the company, the machine for mass production of the E-Thread™ tag was developed. The production capacity is 15 million tags per year. In 2023, this is to double with the commissioning of further production lines.

02 Oct 2023 - Primo1D Corporate Actions Towards Sustainability

"Primo1D relocated in 2021. We have now space for more production lines at this site," explains Emmanuel Arène. "After almost 10 years of company history, Primo1D has the capacity for mass production. Our ambition is to support the changes and new business models in the textile industry towards the new era of circular economy thanks to our E-Thread™ product."

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