Automotive, Industrial Production & Wireless IoT Technologies

Issue 02/2022 - Publication date: June 15th, 2022

Robotics, 5G, Sensor Technology and AI!

Digitization and automation are opening up new worlds for production and logistics. This has been known for a long time and has already been explained over a hundred times. Nonetheless, it is apparent that the number of success stories and the openness to discuss successes and new applications has increased immensely. Today, redesigning processes is an indispensable attribute of quality, rather than a question of courage and willingness to take risks.


  • Zebra Technologies - Manufacturing and Logistics with 5G
  • Turck - Knowing Where: Transparent Logistics Processes
  • Kathrein Solutions - RFID Hardware and Software: Automotive Auto-ID Applications
  • Michelin - Tire Tagging: Car Tires with Embedded RFID Tags
  • ALT Technologies - Automotive RFID Labels: RFID and Critical Components for the Automotive Industry
  • HID Global - RFID Sensor Tags: Battery-Free RFID Sensor Technology for New Applications
  • Elatec - RFID-based Authentication Solutions: Improved Security for Man and Machine
  • Fraunhofer IPMS - Reducing Power Consumption: Neuromorphic Computing Solves the Energy Problem of Tomorrow
  • German Red Cross - Smart RFID Cabinet System: RFID Laundry Management at the German Red Cross
  • ClimeWorks - Net-Zero Emissions: Direct Air Capture and Storage (DAC+S)
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