Healthcare & Security

Issue 03/2021 - Publication date: June 18th, 2021

Focus on Healthcare & Security!

The livestream of the Think WIOT Day Healthcare & Security revealed how extensively wireless IoT technology is able to accompany processes in hospitals, laboratories or emergency clinics. Traceability, unique identification, and real-time localization are technologically possible in combination with wireless sensing and artificial intelligence. In short, technologically, much more is possible than is currently being implemented in hospitals today. Even if paper is no longer standard equipment, processes are still manual and analog, and are not centralized.

Discover also:

  • HID Global - Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19
  • Rheinland Klinikum - From Cyberattacks of the Past to Cybersecurity of the Future
  • Identiv - Pharmaceutical Temperature Control of Vaccines
  • Elatec - Secure Access to Medical Records, Devices and Supplies
  • Borda Technology - Revolutionizes the Healthcare Industry with IoT
Rheinland Klinikum
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