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Tönnjes Explains Advantages of RFID Vehicle Identification


Tönnjes Explains Advantages of RFID Vehicle Identification

RFID Vehicle License Plates, RFID Windshield Labels and RFID Headlamp Tags Enable Unique Identification!

The German vehicle identification specialist Tönnjes is active at more than 50 locations worldwide. There, the company works with authorities for vehicle registration. This includes vehicle identification and license plate issuance. The objective: to securely register the vehicle population. In addition to producing conventional license plates, Tönnjes offers the IDePLATE security license plate and the IDeSTIX RFID windshield sticker, as well as RFID headlamp tags. Jochen Betz and Olaf Renz, members of the Management Board at Tönnjes, explain the advantages of RFID vehicle identification in an interview.

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Vehicle Identification and License Plate Anti-Counterfeiting with RFID

How does vehicle identification with the RFID license plate work?

Jochen Betz: Both the IDePLATE RFID security label and the IDeSTIX RFID windshield label as well as the RFID headlamp tag have an integrated UcodeDNA RFID chip from NXP. A globally unique, cryptographically secured identification number is stored on this chip.

This can be compared via a secure data link with a database containing information about the vehicle and its owner. The identification number on the chip can only be recorded by authorized readers and transmitted to the database. Each vehicle is precisely identified. If an unauthorized license plate is fitted, an alarm is triggered.

What are the advantages of the RFID security license plate and RFID windshield label compared to conventional license plates?

Jochen Betz: Tönnjes has designed the IDePLATE and the IDeSTIX to be forgery-proof. Conventional license plates are usually captured with camera systems or visually. These license plates can be manipulated, cloned or forged. The RFID license plate, on the other hand, is tamper- and forgery-proof due to its unique identification. In addition, the vehicle data is repeated on the RFID label.

Another aspect is control. This includes both the distribution of license plates and license plate registration. The security license plates are manufactured for customers directly on-site via joint ventures. Once in circulation, RFID license plate capture is easy for both moving traffic and stationary vehicles.

Applications of RFID Vehicle Identification

For which applications is the use of RFID vehicle identification solutions particularly suitable?

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Olaf Renz: RFID identification can be used as a solution for fleet management of rental and company cars. Applications at gas stations are also conceivable. With the security license plate, Tönnjes is mainly addressing government agencies.

Almost all countries want to involve vehicle owners in the costs of the infrastructure. With IDePLATE, they receive a secure tool for vehicle identification and thus a certain degree of planning security. By accurately recording the vehicle fleet, accurate calculation and verification of tax revenues and tolls is possible. All data on vehicles and vehicle owners is managed centrally. The state thus retains control over vehicle registration and the associated data.

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Security Licence Plate Holder
Jochen Betz
Jochen Betz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany
Olaf Renz
Olaf Renz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany
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