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Tönnjes – Specialist for Vehicle Identification


Tönnjes – Specialist for Vehicle Identification

Secure Vehicle Registration with RFID License Plates and RFID Windshield Labels!

Tönnjes was founded back in 1832. Today, the company, headquartered in Delmenhorst, is the world market leader in license plate production. At more than 50 locations worldwide, cooperation with authorities takes place on a national level for vehicle licensing. This includes vehicle registration and license plate issuance.

RFID vehicle security license plates, windshield labels, software and production machines are part of the product portfolio.

26 Oct 2022 - TÖNNJES Opens High-Tech Factory in Cairo

Vehicle Identification with RFID License Plates, RFID Windshield Labels and RFID Headlamp Tags

In 2010, Tönnjes delivered the first RFID license plates to Latvia and the first RFID windshield labels to Peru. Meanwhile, RFID products account for about 10 % of total sales. The demand for RFID applications in traffic applications such as smart city, toll and traffic monitoring is increasing. Tönnjes offers the following solutions:

  • IDePLATE – RFID Car Security Tag
  • IDeSTIX – RFID Windshield Label & RFID Headlamp Tag
  • IDeTRUST software for vehicle registration, production planning and inventory management

The RFID license plates and RFID labels have an integrated UHF RFID chip from NXP on which a globally unique, cryptographically protected identification number is stored. Each vehicle is identified with precision. However, the application differs from classic windshield labels, explains Olaf Renz, Member of the management board, Tönnjes:

"The IDeSTIX is a 'third license plate,' not just a vignette for tolls or taxes. The vehicle data is repeated in the windshield sticker. A link is established between the vehicle and the license plate. If unauthorized license plates are mounted on the vehicle, readers would sound an alarm because the license plate and sticker data don't match."

Establishment of Local Production Capacities

Tönnjes is represented with production facilities on all continents. Over 50 million license plates are produced every year.

17 Oct 2022 - Tönnjes Designs License Plate Production with RFID

"Tönnjes was already supplying license plates to countries that competitors tended to avoid as early as the 1960s. These include developing and emerging countries," explains Jochen Betz, Member of the management board, Tönnjes. "Since 1990, not only have machines and products been exported, but production facilities have been set up directly on-site. Production is carried out in cooperation with local partners in joint ventures."

Applications for RFID Vehicle Identification

Tönnjes has implemented numerous projects worldwide. The IDePLATE and IDeSTIX can be used separately and in combination.

"In Honduras and the Cayman Islands, both RFID license plates and the RFID vignette are used. In Turkey, Panama and Kenya, the toll and registration authorities use the RFID Windshield Label," says Jochen Betz, listing some applications. "In Latvia, only electric vehicles are registered with the IDePlate. These are allowed to use priority lanes like bus lanes and park for free. All of these applications require unique vehicle identification as well as tamper and counterfeit protection for the license plates. The IDePLATE meets all these requirements."

Contact the experts at Tönnjes and learn more about the security license plate IDePLATE and the "third license plate" IdeSTIX!

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Security Licence Plate Holder
Jochen Betz
Jochen Betz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany
Olaf Renz
Olaf Renz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany
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