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Using the latest technologies based on passive RFID and cryptographic authentication, Tönnjes provides customerspecific solutions for international vehicle registration and identification.

By using passive RFID-Transponder with additional security standards, like the UCODE DNA, Tönnjes offers a wide range of applications and benefits for Road Transport Authorities and ITS Operators.

Jochen Betz

Jochen Betz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany


  • The RFID is an integral part of the aluminium license plate and cannot not be removed or tampered without visible damage or without compromising its intended functionality.
  • Special license plate holders or one-way screws to prevent plate theft
  • The IDePLATE® can be offered as a Tamper Proof Plate (TPP) which leaves a visible destruction of a seal at the attempt of plate theft.
  • Embossed border and alphanumeric of the aluminium license plate coloured using opaque hot stamping foil

Key Facts

  • Operating frequency: 860–960 MHz (global UHF band)
  • Integrated circuit (IC): NXP UCODE DNA, passive (battery-free)
  • Supported protocols: GS1 EPC Gen2v2 respectively ISO/IEC 18000-63
  • Memory capacity:
    • TID: 96-bit (incl. 48-bit unique serial number)
    • EPC: 224-bit (alternative configuration upon request)
    • User: 3072-bit
  • Typical read range:
    • EU (866 MHz) 18 m / 520 mm x 110 mm plate size
    • US (915 MHz) 16 m / 300 mm x 150 mm plate size
  • RFID-based 32-bit kill password and 32-bit access password

Security features:

  • Various “memory lock” options
  • Cryptographic tag authentication via 128-bit AES key according to ISO/IEC 29167-10 for proof of origin
  • Privacy protection via untraceable command and 128-bit AES key
  • Digital Signature ISO/IEC 20248


  • Electronic vehicle identification
  • Toll collection
  • Traffic management
  • Parking and access control
  • Section control
  • Border control
  • Traffic infraction control

Giving Mobility a Smart and Secure Future

As a technology and systems provider, TÖNNJES is a global leader in the field of vehicle identification. The product range can be split into the EVI (electronic vehicle identification), software, security solutions and production technology segments. From manufacturing licence plates to creating a central licence register, the company handles every step when it comes to successfully and securely identifying vehicles. With the RFID-based IDePLATE system, TÖNNJES has developed an electronic security licence plate that protects against manipulation and fraud whilst, at the same time, enabling smart applications. TÖNNJES products are already in use in many countries around the globe. The company generates 100 percent of its revenue from transactions abroad.

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