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Turck: Condition Monitoring Platform Extended

Turck's IM18-CCM60 with the siineos operating system: condition monitoring without programming knowledge. (Image: Turck)

Turck: Condition Monitoring Platform Extended

The siineos IIoT Operating System Turns Turck's IM18-CCM Control Cabinet Guard Into a Smart Plug & Play Solution

Turck's IM18-CCM60 is another particularly user-friendly addition to Turck's condition monitoring platform for the condition monitoring of control cabinets. While the IM18-CCM40 and -CCM50 models with the Debian Linux system primarily offer OEMs a maximum degree of freedom to integrate them into existing corporate structures, the new model comes with the siineos IIoT operating system, which the digitalization specialists at in.hub developed specifically for the CCM platform.

27 May 2024 - TAS Cloud: New Toolset for Turck Automation Suite

Condition Monitoring and IIoT Functions Without Any Programming Knowledge

The InCore framework integrated in siineos offers a wide range of ready-to-use components that can be used to easily operate the integrated interfaces and sensors as well as all standard network and industrial protocols.

Besides existing apps, you can also create your own programs and apps or load them like on a smartphone. The web-based wizard accompanies the setup, so that even users without any previous knowledge can handle the IM18-CCM60 without any problems. This also allows easy access to the internal sensors for temperature, humidity and door distance and the parameterization of diverse interfaces. Programming knowledge is not required. Via the integrated OpenVPN client, the IM18-CCM60 can establish a secure connection to IT in the field and enable remote access to the device as well as optionally to connected machines.


Machines and plant building

Key Functions

  • Powerful, compact control cabinet computer with three integrated sensors
  • siineos IIoT operating system enables condition monitoring and the use of all I/Os and interfaces without any knowledge of programming
  • Open VPN client for secure remote access
  • MQTT and OPC UA as an interface for easy OT-IT connection
  • Cloud connector for MS Azure and Telekom cloud

Your Advantages

  • Scalable “out-of-the-box solution” for simple control cabinet monitoring up to complex condition monitoring
  • Save onsite service thanks to remote access to IM18-CCM60 and connected machines
  • Easy setup of condition monitoring via web-based wizard
  • Cost-effective because hardware and software are already included and expensive programming experts are not required

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