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Handheld UHF/HF/Barcode

Handheld UHF/HF/Barcode

Turck handhelds can handle RFID, WLAN and Bluetooth

For location-independent reading and writing of the data carriers, Turck offers handhelds for the HF or UHF frequency band.

The data is displayed on the touch screen of the TA handhelds and can be edited and written to appropriate data carriers using Turcks application software.

Depending on requirements, the handhelds can also be supplied with barcode scanners, WLAN, Bluetooth and customised application software on request.

Bernd Wieseler

Bernd Wieseler
Director Product Management RFID Systems
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Key Facts

  • Handhelds for UHF and/or HF
  • Handhelds with WLAN, barcode/2D code reader, Bluetooth available
  • Customised software solution on request
  • Versions with Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  • Automatic tag type selection
  • Reading and writing up to 1000 bytes (HF) or 500 bytes in a single step
  • Handheld adapter for use with smartphones available


  • TA handhelds are optimised for ergonomic industrial use
  • NID handhelds (IP54) are ideal for multi-tag applications and very high transmission ranges
  • PD20 is a lightweight UHF handheld for connecting to smartphones or tablets

Turck is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial automation

With more than 4,500 employees in over 30 subsidiaries as well as sales partners in further 60 countries, the family-owned company is a one-stop shop for RFID Systems.

  • Holistic, modular RFID systems for production and logistics processes
  • Variety of HF and UHF read/write heads and data carriers for standard and special uses, such as carriers for high temperature conditions up to 210 degrees Celsius, for engine production or use in autoclaves
  • Parallel operation of proven HF and far-ranging UHF technology

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