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Webinar: Battery Production Tracking with RFID

Smart Automation & Data-Driven Battery Production

Learn all about battery production tracking with RFID in the lecture “Battery Production Tracking Solution With RFID Technology at a Leading Chinese Battery Manufacturer ” by Chien-Hsun (Josh) Chuang, Sales Director South East Asia (SEA) & Vertical Market APAC from Turck!

17 Apr 2024 - Recalo Tracks Load Carrier With RFID

When? On June 21st from 10:00 CEST. Register here for the live webinar!

Can't make it to the live event? Rebroadcasts are available on June 22nd at 09:00 PDT and at 10:00 AEST! Click your preferred time zone to watch!

Success Story from Leading Chinese Battery Manufacturer

Chien-Hsun (Josh) Chuang will be presenting an exciting use case on battery production tracking from a leading Chinese battery manufacturer in his lecture. Learn more about smart automation technology for data-driven battery production and how you can achieve full range tracking and coverage with a combination of HF and UHF RFID. Discover the different types of RFID tags that can be used for various applications in battery production. Click here to register!

Think WIOT Day Automotive Production + Parts Logistics + Tire Management + Wireless IoT Technologies

The webinar is part of the livestream “Think WIOT Day – Automotive Production + Parts Logistics + Tire Management + WIOT Technologies”. Lectures will showcase technology use cases and best practice. Click here to see the entire program!

20 Mar 2024 - Turck: Fast HF Read/Write Head with S2 System Redundancy

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Bernd Wieseler
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Hendrik Schnabel
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