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Think WIOT Day 1: Knowledge for Retailers on Feb 17th

The Think WIOT Days Start with Application Examples, the Latest Technologies and Innovations in Retail!

What's in store for the retail industry in 2021? The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the retail industry in the past year with numerous new solutions and wireless technologies. The hot topics include AI and robotics, growing online retail, click & collect, and customer experience. Which technology trends and innovations will continue to set the standard in 2021?

Which technology trends and which solutions will transform the retail industry this year – Find out LIVE on February 17th!

The use of technology is becoming increasingly important for brick-and-mortar retailers in order to remain competitive with the growing number of online-only retailers and to optimize sales areas. Brand loyalty and customer experience are high on the agenda. Robotics and AI are generating new potential for smart retail.

Solutions in the retail industry such as data protection-compliant counting of customers in the store, tracking, tracing & sensing directly from the pallet and omnichannel shopping will run as a livestream on February 17th.

Main Topics of the “Knowledge for Retailers” Lectures

  • Cost reduction and supply chain transparency
  • Inventories with UHF RFID
  • Dual-frequency and source tagging
  • Store performance, customer service and brand protection with NFC/UHF
  • Customer interaction with NFC
  • Customer counts, in-store wayfinding and AI-based analytics and merchandise sourcing
  • Retail innovations: AI, robotics, smart cabins
  • Omnichannel and inventory accuracy

The Other Five Topics and Dates of the WIOT Days 2021 at a Glance.

  • Automotive, Industrial IoT and Maintenance on March 17th
  • 5G and Wireless IoT Technologies on April 14th
  • Digitalization in healthcare on May 12th
  • Logistics and Supply Chain on June 9th
  • Smart City and Security on July 7th

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Niklas Van Bocxlaer
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Anja Van Bocxlaer
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Vanessa Tan
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Franziska Schitter
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