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ETZ selects Zebra’s TC52-HC and TC26-HC Android mobile computers

ETZ selects Zebra’s TC52-HC and TC26-HC Android mobile computers. (Image: Zebra Technologies)

lmproved Patient Safety and Reduced Administrative Tasks

Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital Goes Digital with Zebra Mobile Computers!

At a glance:

  • Need for instant access to patient information
  • TC52-HC and TC26-HC Android mobile computers in use
  • Possibility for human error in treatment thereby reduced
  • Incorporating telephony, smart alarms or AI is possible

Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) is a leading clinical teaching hospital that includes a trauma center for the province of North Brabant and is a leading hospital in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. While facing many of the same challenges and pressures as other healthcare organizations worldwide, ETZ understands technology can help address these problems. The hospital constantly seeks new technologies to help improve patient care, especially for those with more complex conditions.

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Digitzing Patient Care

ETZ had taken first steps towards digital healthcare provision in 2018 but soon saw that more had to be done. “We realized that we needed mobile devices that our teams could always carry with them for up-to-date patient records in real time and immediate access to correct data,” said Margot Lavrijsen, President of the Nursing Staff Board and CNIO at ETZ.

Out of a range of options, ETZ selected Zebra’s TC52-HC and TC26-HC Android mobile computers. These Zebra mobile computers are specifically designed for healthcare and associated workflows. They are powerful and robust, with the look and feel of a professional clinical mobile computer, featuring a large, bright screen. They can capture data quickly, accurately and conveniently via the integrated scanner. Battery life is very long, often lasting over two shifts. The Android-based interface of the TC52-HC and TC26-HC is familiar and easy to use, and the healthcare staff needed little to no training or support.

A Recipe for Safe, Effective and Efficient Care Delivery

The implementation of the TC52-HC and TC26-HC provided immediate benefits for ETZ. Healthcare staff now have instant access to records and can update them in real time. “I can’t highlight enough how important this is,” Lavrijsen says. “Safety improvements were central to this project. Nurses who take over the care of a patient from a colleague, or come out to a vitally endangered patient, can have an instant view of current data on their mobile device. They scan the patient’s wristband and immediately know exactly when they had treatment and medications. And most importantly, by digitalizing our records, we have minimized the risk of errors.”

Records are more consistent, and the quality of information is better overall. The pressure on staff is reduced as they can better answer questions thanks to more access to patient information. They can take pictures of areas that a patient cannot see, allowing them to understand the problem or how the treatment is progressing. The photos are directly implemented into the record.

Further Integrations and Applications Are Possible

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ETZ is considering new functionalities and applications to integrate into the Zebra mobile computers, including telephony and smart alarms (VOS/MAS). The hospital is also exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to process data from patient surveys and create predictive analytics. This will help make better decisions about treatments. “Technology in the medical world is changing rapidly and we want to take full advantage of all developments”, Lavrijsen concludes. “Zebra’s devices are capable of integrating new and future functionalities and applications.”

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