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Easily Monitor Temperatures with Brady’s RFID Labels

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Easily Monitor Temperatures with Brady’s RFID Labels

Brady Presents Innovative RFID Temperature Labels

Brady Corporation offers RFID Temperature Labels that enable wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, equipment, machines, racks, cables, and structures. The flexible, temperature-sensing smart labels can be applied to almost any surface to support informed, proactive decision making.

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Easily Monitor Temperatures

The innovative RFID Temperature Labels are a low-cost solution for temperature monitoring. Applications include environmental monitoring, material and equipment monitoring, cold chain monitoring, data center monitoring, maintenance and safety data collection, and greenhouse monitoring. The thin and flexible, RFID enabled smart labels do not need energy or maintenance. They are energised wirelessly in the event of a temperature reading with a UHF compliant RFID reader. Temperature readings can be automated and are picked up by scanners on an ISO 18000-63/64 and ETSI compliant bandwidth.

Applicable to Almost All Surfaces

Identification specialist Brady has made temperature sensing RFID technology available in its wide range of researched industrial grade label materials. These labels are tested to stay attached and remain legible in heat, cold, dirt, in- or outdoors and to resist chemicals, cleaning agents, grease, oil and fuels. Equipable with a variety of adhesives, they can stay attached to smooth, rough, or powdered surfaces, and to flat or curved surfaces.

Complete Solution

Brady can supply a complete solution to enable reading and monitoring temperatures from a wide range of surfaces. The complete solution includes blank or preprinted RFID labels, one or more professional label printers, Brady Workstation label design software, and an RFID reader. Hard- and software support for every component of the solution is available.

See how the solution works!

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