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Market Leader in Enterprise Authentication Solutions Report

HID Global is Recognized as a Market Leader in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass for Enterprise Authentication Solutions Report.

HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, announced it has been recognized as the overall top challenger and included in the market leadership category in the KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass for Enterprise Authentication Solutions report.

The analyst firm’s new report examines the product/service functionality and relative market share of 18 companies in this space as well as their innovative approaches to providing modern solutions.

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“HID continues to evolve our multifaceted authentication platform and ecosystem integrations to drive an unparalleled user experience for employees and millions of consumers globally,” said Martin Ladstaetter, Vice President of Product Management, Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solutions with HID Global.

“Being recognized as the top challenger overall and a leader in the market leadership category demonstrates that we are successfully delivering against our vision of a frictionless user experience serving both consumers and enterprise customers alike while adding new services such as identity verification or risk management.”

KuppingerCole cited the following strengths of HID Global and its HID® Authentication Platform:

  • FIDO 2.0 certified
  • Easy-to-use flow-chart style management and policy authoring interface
  • Comprehensive device intelligence can be collected using secure SDK
  • Has identity assurance and strong credentialing capabilities
  • Risk engine can output to payment processing services
  • Hardware token manufacturer; supplier to OEMs

The report advised that “Organizations in highly regulated industries, with high security requirements, and those with physical access controls integration requirements should consider HID Global.” It also said that “HID Global has been a strong player in government and enterprise workforce IAM for years. The company’s inclusion of identity vetting and credentialing services is a valuable differentiating factor in their solution.”

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Approximately 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use HID solutions today and the company has issued more than 500 million secure credentials to date. In the banking sector, HID has supplied secure identity solutions to more than 120 of the world’s leading banks, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) native authentication platform serving millions of consumers globally.

The company is also a globally trusted Certificate Authority (CA) that protects billions of dollars of global transactions, and its authenticators simplify regulatory compliance with Open Banking regulations.

About the HID Authentication Platform

HID Global has in recent years expanded upon its solution ecosystem to bring new dimensions of value to its IAM customers through an authentication platform that is intelligent, scalable and intuitive. The company is also uniquely positioned to help organizations unite the management of cyber and physical identities and access in a single platform so they can solve complex authentication challenges while meeting demand for easier, frictionless methods.

HID Global offers a choice of cloud-hosted, on-premise and hybrid deployments that support all types of users and authentication factor options while demonstrating quick and continuous return on investment (ROI). 

Click here for more information about the HID Authentication Platform for consumer authentication, and here for the HID WorkforceID™ Authentication solution. 

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