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Collaborative Creation of Secure Docs and Smart Tickets by Joaneo

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Collaborative Creation of Secure Docs and Smart Tickets by Joaneo

Joaneo produces printed inlays and antennas for customized applications. Joaneo‘s solution partners are agile companies, who flexibly and quickly turn NFC-based ideas and concepts into smart applications and new solutions. As NFC does not require capital expenditure on special hardware equipment, the market adoption and a positive ROI is achieved much faster. The doors to innovation are wide open with NFC. Joaneo is most excited to drive such innovations with their partners developing new NFC specialty products and applications.

04 Sep 2023 - “No Such Thing as Can’t” for Special Tag Developments at Joaneo

Joaneo & Sieveo: Security and Anti-Counterfeiting for Secure Documents

German company Sieveo has developed a data authentication technology called DigSig (ISO/IEC 20248:2022). It functions as digital “stamp” and is utilised with a specific blueprint to validate the document’s original condition, certifying it has remained unaltered since it was stamped. Using NFC tags from Joaneo, DigSig technology offers authentication and tamper evidence for non-prescription drugs, cosmetics and dietary supplements. The initial contact of the partners had also occurred at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022.

A brand new secure documents solution for A4 sized official documents, such as certificates and diplomas, will be introduced together with Sieveo’s DigSig technology at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023. Joaneo uses Sieveo‘s expertise to secure sensitive official documents. For this, A4 sheets with Joaneo´s new variable NFC tag embedded are used to secure the contents of high-value documents and protect them from tampering or forgery with advanced cryptography. Sieveo’s new DigSig Authenticator mobile app is used to decrypt and verify the digital twin’s content and specific security features by the tap of a smartphone in a fully offline mode. With combined expertise by Victor Buck Services in printing documents for the financial industry in Luxembourg, they produce NFC-secured A4 documents. These can be printed using regular office laser or inkjet printers.

Joaneo & IMERO: Customer Engagement

Joaneo has joined forces with German start-up IMERO to develop an NFC solution that enables winemakers and beverage brand owners to engage with their consumers at the point of sale and beyond. The paper based inlays also offer to detect the opening of bottles. For this, the bottle labels are complemented by a long paper loop leading to the bottle’s cap. Since it is printed on paper, the tamper loop tears very easily, which is registered by the NFC chip accordingly. Thus, an additional layer of security is provided for precious wines and spirits. Consumers can access information about the wine, the winemakers and the history of the region of origin by swiping the label with their smartphone. Brand owners have endless opportunities to create customer loyalty and cross selling with the smart-labels. The first contact with IMERO was made at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 industry trade show in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Joaneo, INNI Group & IMERO: Smart Tickets

Smart tickets that enhance customer engagement during and after the purchase have been developed in collaboration with IMERO and the Belgian printing & publishing company INNI GROUP. These premium souvenir tickets, including Joaneo’s tags, enhance customer engagement across various leisure and professional experiences, from sports events and museums to live music concerts and trade fairs. Besides preventing fraud and counterfeiting, IMERO’s cloud-based application allows to engage with consumers before, during and after the events. With NFC enabled tickets, all kinds of additional services and new solutions can be offered by the organizers of the events to connect with attendees throughout their journey, capture vital data, and explore new revenue streams.

25 Oct 2022 - A European Collaboration for Sustainable and Secured RFID Solutions

Check out more on Joaneo’s partner corners at booth #76 at Wireless and IoT tomorrow 2023!

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