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Luxembourg Based Joaneo is Shaping the Future of Printed Electronics

Image: Joaneo

Luxembourg Based Joaneo is Shaping the Future of Printed Electronics

Eco-friendly Tags on Paper with Minimal Waste Production

Joaneo is a new brand launched by Victor Buck Services (VBS), manufacturer of printed electronics in the heart of Europe, situated in Luxembourg. With more than 20 years experience in printing on paper for secure institutional communications, Joaneo now produces customized eco-friendly RFID and NFC antennas and inlays.

04 Sep 2023 - “No Such Thing as Can’t” for Special Tag Developments at Joaneo

Industrial Paper Printing Meets the RFID World

Joaneo is a new player to the world of RFID tag manufacturing. As far as printing and conveying information in innovative and secure ways are concerned, however, Joaneo belongs to the establishment. The brand is part of Victor Buck Services who manage and distribute documents for international clients in banking & finance, the hospital industry, healthcare and more.

With 190 employees and more than 20 years of experience in printing, Victor Buck Services (VBS) and Joaneo are very well poised to create innovative printed electronic products. VBS is a 100% subsidiary of Post Group Luxembourg, a state-owned company.

From the Germ of an Idea to Fully Piloted and Tested RFID Tags

The notion to design and print eco-friendly electronics arose in 2018 while travelling in Asia. Becoming aware of the existing etching techniques in manufacturing of RFID antennas on plastics (PET), the idea took shape to manufacture printed electronics in a more sustainable way. In 2019, tests were conducted with different substrates and conductive inks. The new product had to meet two criteria:

  1. Can it be printed on paper?
  2. Can it be done in a much more ecologically friendly way?

After many months of research, working along with its industrial partners, Joaneo found a solution to meet both targets. Using an additive dry printing process, Joaneo is successfully printing RFID / NFC antennas on paper substrate, scaling up to industrial quantities. Their technology uses no water, no vacuum and no chemicals, resulting in very little waste compared to other techniques, such as etching.

Joaneo's Commitment to Tailor its Offerings to Customers Needs

25 Oct 2022 - A European Collaboration for Sustainable and Secured RFID Solutions

Joaneo provides tailored solutions for each customer. Due to the fact that Joaneo controls every step of the production process, from initial design to testing, piloting and roll out, their turnaround times are short. Joaneo can flexibly satisfy each customer need. “Large volumes are not the first consideration”, says Scott Garlick, Head of Sales & Marketing at VBS. “Right now, most projects are about developing new designs and new applications on many different substrates.” Having deployed a unique production line in 2021, Joaneo is now looking forward to going to full production speed.

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Joaneo’s Customized Inlays
Joaneo’s Eco-friendly Antennas & Inlays
Joachim Priem
Joachim Priem
Business Development Manager
Capellen, Luxembourg
Scott Garlick
Scott Garlick
Head of Sales & Marketing
Capellen, Luxembourg
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